She Speaks

The sound of her voice gently floats across the room as a soft whisper…
Hitching a ride on the very air that he breathes
Do you hear me?

Her lips are wet and sensuous…
They hunger to taste his and lay upon them as does the
morning dew that spreads itself in a thin layer across the green grass
Do you feel me?

Her mouth opens slightly…
to take in the flavor of his words
She sips slowly on every syllable…
as if it were a chilled glass of fine wine
Do you taste me?

All that is left is the total consumption of his soul…
the very essence of his being
Which he freely gives just to have this moment in time with her…
Do you want me?

Ladies, let’s turn up the heat a little and push his temperature into three digit fever status. Why? Because we can.
For no special occasion at all, get dressed up in one of your most provocative outfits and take your special someone out to dinner at a restaurant whose ambiance is well known for couples who are seeking a romantic evening. At some point during the meal excuse yourself from the table and when you return, walk up closely behind your man and lean over towards him, put one hand delicately on his shoulder and gently squeeze while you whisper softly in his ear. Whispers are very sensual. Speaking in a low voice very close to your partner’s ear so he can feel the warmth of your breath on his neck, along with the words he is hearing and the scent of your perfume, will most definitely make his temperature rise. Take one of his hands in yours and let his fingertips slightly brush across the side of your face ever so lightly then place it back down to his side.

You have just invoked three of his senses. His sense of touch as the tips of his fingers caressed your smooth skin. His sense of smell as the scent of your perfume permeates the air around him. His sense of hearing as he hangs on to every word you are saying. Tell him, very slowly I might add, exactly what you want to do to him and what you would like him to do to you. If he’s not used to you talking dirty to him, the more graphic the better. He won’t see it coming. Without giving him a chance to respond to you, return to your seat with a sensuous sway in your movements which kicks in that fourth sense, sight. Take a sip of whatever it is you were drinking. Then give him your most innocent glance and proceed to eat your meal as if nothing happened. Don’t let him engage you in talking about sex. Keep changing the subject. Carry on with your normal conversation even though this man is obviously ready to leave, like right now.

Of course he’s going to try and rush you through the dinner. But you take your time eating slowly and methodically as if you’re savoring every single bite. Looking up at him from time to time as if he was what was going inside your mouth at that very moment. And just when he’s thinking you’ve taken the last bite, you pick up your napkin and lightly dab the corner of your lips, then place it back in your lap and do the unthinkable. You order dessert. Make him wait. Watch him sweat. Let him think about every word you whispered to him and play it over and over again in his mind. Anticipation, to me, is the best foreplay in the world. And later on that night, maybe even before you make it back home, you will feel the results of all that built up anticipation. And now you can arouse that fifth and final sense, the sense of taste. Enjoy ladies!

Val’s Voice