We all know the one spot that is obvious location that gets guys squeaking and moaning.  The purpose of this is to help you ladies tap into all those other locations on your guy that will REALLY get his engines firing.

1. Perineum

“Pair-a-what” you ask?  The perineum is an area an inch or so in size, between the anus and the base of the scrotum. The perineum is richly supplied with pleasure-receptive nerve endings, and is a major hidden hot zone in men. You can bring him to the brink just by stimulating this area with the right touch.


Here’s how to use it: Start off by lifting his testicles with one hand, and using your thumb or finger to massage the perineum in circular strokes. This area is very sensitive, so it’s best to go gentle and make sure your fingernails are short. Vary the pressure and direction by alternately stroking up and down and massaging in circles. When he’s ready to climax, give him the ultimate “O” by pressing on his perineum a little more firmly with your thumb or knuckle.


2. Nipples

Love the way he lavishes your nipples with lots of attention? Time to return the favor!  Men’s breasts, especially in the nipple area, are rich with nerve endings, and have the same potential for erotic pleasure as women’s.

Here’s how to use it: The trick is to let the anticipation build by going at a torturously slow speed. Start by lightly trailing your fingertips along his chest, then trace gentle circles around his nips, but not quite touching them. With all the teasing, his nips will quickly become super-erect. Next, zero in on the nipples with your index finger rotating the little knobs, and giving him the occasional playful tug.

Switch to tickling him with your tongue by using gentle licking motions to outline his areolae (the colored part): Lick then blow on the wet patch, and flick his nipples with the tip of your tongue — you can create a sexy tingle that’ll drive him crazy! Up the excitement by varying the strokes and intensity.

3. Seam of His Testicles

It’s no secret that a man’s family jewels are one hot-hot zone, but there’s a particular spot that can literally send him into orbit when touched. Get up close, and you’ll notice the raphe — the thin seam that runs top to bottom along the underside of his scrotum. Well, it turns out this is a major moan zone for guys. Also known as the R-spot, the skin on the raphe is similar to a woman’s labia, and it’s teeming with nerve endings.

Here’s how to use it: “The scrotal raphe can be stimulated by gently running your fingertips along it,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, author of Touch Me There! Cradle his testicles in one hand, then gently trace up and down along the crease with your fingertips. Some men love having their R-spot stimulated, while others may find it too intense, so check with your guy to find out what feels good. If he digs it, try running the tip of your tongue along the area, flicking the seam while still toying with his boys with your hand.”


4. Ears

The ears are surprisingly sensitive, but are often overlooked. When you explore his ear with your warm, moist tongue, it’ll send him shivers of erotic pleasure through his system.


Here’s how to use it: Tease him by giving him kisses all over his neck, taking your time to work your way up toward his earlobe to build anticipation. Plant a kiss on his lobe and lightly nibble it with your teeth. Gently trace the outer edge of his ear with the tip of your tongue. Try licking, sucking, nibbling, and gently blowing warm breath onto his lobe to vary the sensations.

5. Prostate

Surrounding the urethra, the prostate lies along nerve pathways between the penis and the brain, and is exceptionally well situated to pick up pleasurable signals. The prostate corresponds to the G-spot in women. When a man is sexually aroused, his prostate begins to swell with fluid, sending increasingly pleasurable sensations throughout his groin as he approaches climax. Many men can have orgasms purely from prostate stimulation, and the orgasms are often described as especially ‘deep’.

Here’s how to use it: Men are more likely to enjoy prostate stimulation once they’re already aroused. Prostate massage also enhances genital stimulation, as it produces pressure against the root of the penis that feels like an internal erotic massage.  You can reach the area by inserting a well-lubricated, and perhaps latex-covered, finger about three inches into the rectum. You’ll feel this spongy bulge about the size of a walnut. Stroking in a direction toward the front of his body will produce intense feeling and pleasure.


Have fun!!