This post is sure to make any man that reads it stand to his feet and shout hallelujah! For you freakier chicks (me included) this new product I came across while reading Cosmo will make your escapades just a tiny bit easier. The product is called Masque.

Masque® is an innovative new sexual intimacy product. After years of research and development, Masque has been designed by a team of scientists who have created a formula combining flavor blockers micro-encapsulated in a paper-thin, dissolvable, oral gel strips. When these particular flavors combine, the strips temporarily mask certain flavors on the tongue.

Each gel strip is packaged individually with a foil wrap, ensuring freshness. The flavors available are Chocolate, Watermelon and Strawberry and each package of three Listerine Strip-style strips is $12.00. Get more info and place an order at

Have Fun!!