Make no mistake, married men who fool around can be attentive and romantic. He can be calling you and emailing you all day long, filling your heart with things you ever dreamed of, giving you gifts and making love to you when you get together. If you have experienced it, you may wonder how he could do that to his wife. That right there is a topic for another article. On the meantime, it is important not to make yourself deluded.

Here are ways to know if you are dating a married man:

1. You’re suspicious. If you think like this always, you are just prejudiced and won’t help much. However, if you suddenly sense something off about the man you’re dating, trust your guts. When there’s smoke, there is always fire.

2. He will, all of a sudden, become evasive and will not meet your eyes when your topic strays to children, family, where he lives or vacations.

3. He insists on calling you instead of you contacting him. He gives you reasons to contact only at his office.

4. He can’t talk to you on the phone but during certain times.

5. His heart’s not on the line. You sense an imbalance regarding vulnerability and this is by intuition. When two people are open for dating, they are anxious for it to work out and both are at risk. He has security of the marriage and will have none to lose and is just having a good time.

6. There’s this white line on his ring finger, a line from where his wedding ring is. Or there is an outline of a ring in his pocket.

7. He is not really disclosing when it is fully appropriate. He will tell you things “later.”

8. He makes excuses just to avoid going into some places. You met him in a bar and that the next place you will go both is in another country.

9. He seems strangely addicted to paying by cash rather than credit card on motels, resorts and restaurants.

10. You have never been to his house or even seen it.

11. His preferred method of communication is text.

12. He uses his kids as a excuse as to why he can’t go out with you on certain days. “I’m  out with my daughter” But yet its 11pm at night.

13. You have never met any of his friends nor do you really know their names.