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The Top 3 Things Guys Hate That You Do In Bed

1. Turn into a wooden slab.

This was one of the things I got the most. Kittens, you have to participate! Guys are notoriously visual and audible creatures.  If he’s hitting the right area, tell him! If he smells good, tell him! Tell him how much you love what he’s doing, how you’d love if he did something else, moan, groan, make sexy faces.  Also, move that body around! Try thrusting your hips in sync with his (best way to master this is solo practice. *wink*).  Guarantee he’ll go crazy!

2. Wear head scarves and granny pajamas.

Seriously honey? Those Hello Kitty flannels HAVE TO GO.  They are fine on those nights you are alone and he’s not around.  Like I said before, men are visual creatures.  Not saying you have to come to bed looking like a Victoria Secret model every night; how about a cute little nightie? A tank top and booty hugging boy shorts? Guys always love it when we wear their stuff, how about one of his t-shirts and some cute little boy shorts underneath?

Repeat after me: No flannel, scarves, bloomers/granny panties (or as I call them “passion killers”), toe socks, fleece, or sweats.

Put it this way…if it’s flammable…it’s ok.

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3. Favor one position.

No, no, no.  There are so many different ways to switch it up under the sheets, kittens! Don’t believe the hype that curvy girls can only do certain ones. There are many sites and books that you can check out to learn about different fun positions you could try with your guy, like www.sexinfo101.com.

Also, to get more limber and flexible, Pilates and Yoga are the best things to get into.

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  • Hi, do women really not know these things??

    It should be something we get taught at school, it makes the most sense!

    Thanks for reminding those of us who already know but may have forgotton and thanks for educating thes ones who haven’t grasped this!

    Come on girls we have the power! 🙂

    Ps. Love the humour this is written in! 🙂

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