Hey curvy kittens!

This being the month of love I felt it perfect to start off the very first Curvy Toy Love column.  So let’s get started!

Our first toy is the Vr7 by JOPEN.


The Vr7 comes very nicely packaged and easy to open. It even has a tiny charge so you get started out the box! There wasn’t anything to dislike about this toy.

It even came with a nice satin bag to store it in for safe keeping.

At about 8 1/2 inches long the Vr7 is not a scary or intimidating toy at all.  It’s soft velvet-like surface is very pleasing to the touch (and feel). The surface is easy to clean also. NOTE: I highly suggest using toy cleaners to clean not just this but all your toys. Soap and water destroys your toys!

The Vr7 is great in that it does not require one battery.  That’s right ladies…this bad boy is RECHARGEABLE. A wall charger comes with it. Those that love toys know what a bummer it is for batteries to give out right in the middle of a session. The charge life is excellent also. I literally left this on for 2 straight hours and it was still going strong (I had given it a full charge, which takes about a good three hours). So charging it overnight, you’ll have at least a good couple of days o’ fun!

The Vr7’s shaping makes it great for light G-Spot stimulation. The slightly curved tip also oscillates and has varied speeds from slow and steady to fast and furious. The shaping of the body of the Vr7 is contoured perfectly for easy insertion.  The smooth tip and smaller ending alright to use for anal play also with lots of lube.

The bullet is pure heaven! Perfectly positioned and is very flexible, so it can be moved around to make it easy to find those “Oh!” spots.  Just like the shaft, it has a monster motor in it the goes from a light buzz to a serious vibration that will leave you speechless.


The controls are easy to find and understand. Each functioning area has it’s own button.  To change speeds you simply just hold the button down for a smooth transition.  Another nice feature is that by holding both buttons down for four seconds, it locks the toy.  This is a fantastic perk when traveling with your B.O.B.. This prevents that embarrassing, “What is that noise in your bag?” question at the airport.

The Vr7 is a part of the luxury line with JOPEN and carries an average sticker price of a little over $200.  However, I feel it is well worth every penny!  The quality is high and the fact you don’t have to invest in new batteries twice a month to keep it going.

Up next….Squeeze! Buzz… Squeeze! Buzzz….  ;o)