I’m starting to believe our editor’s post “You can be gay, but you still can’t be fat” isn’t that off the mark . Over the years Barbie have been the jack of all trades and has yet to be plus sized. Now she …well he has done a 360, Barbie is now in Drag. A design team The Blonds with Mattel has created the “Drag Queen” Barbie. According to a website called Barbie Collector “Phillipe and David Blond believe that every woman should be glamorous every day. The platinum designers create scintillating styles for starlets: gem-encrusted bodysuits; crystal corsets; mini-dresses lavishly embellished with stars, chains, spikes, and sequins. Fun fashion and rock & roll glam are the only rules for these gorgeous garments.” Phillipe and David Blond is a powerhouse designer out of new york that has created amazing costumes for artist such as Beyonce ,KatyPerry even Jennifer Lopez.

   There has been several dolls made to represent full figured women in the industry but there has not been a Plus sized Barbie. The doll pictured above really existed, in 1994 a Polish artist named Zbigniew Libera created Ciotka Kena doll which translates to “Ken’s Aunt”. Ciotka Kena doll resembles realistic figures of women. If you are lucky maybe you can come across one of the 24 that were actually made.

In this day-in-age, with body image being the target of alot of things, you would think that the fine people at Mattel would have at least made one full figured barbie. She can be a doctor, a lawyer even tattooed but why not full figured? We contacted Mattel to get that question answered, we have not received a reply as of today BUT we will update you when we get that answered.

Barbie in real life would stand 5 feet 9 inches have the estimated at 36 inches (chest), 18 inches (waist) and 33 inches (hips) and would probably weigh around 110 pounds. The original Barbie is alot smaller then the ones on the shelves today. In 1997 the  body mold was redesigned giving Barbie a wider waist,would make the doll better suited to contemporary fashion designs. According to research by the University Central Hospital in Helsinki, Finland, she would lack the 17 to 22 percent body fat required for a woman to menstruate In 1963, the outfit “Barbie Baby-Sits” came with a book entitled How to Lose Weight which advised: “Don’t eat!.”The same book was included in another ensemble called “Slumber Party” in 1965 along with a pink bathroom scale permanently set at 110 lbs., which would be around 35 lbs. underweight for a woman 5 feet 9 inches tall.  Mattel has been known to sat that the waist of the Barbie doll was made small because the waistbands of her clothes, along with their seams, snaps, and zippers, added bulk to her figure.


As the world is becoming more and more obsessed with body image and perfection, we hope to one day be able to purchase a curvy version of Barbie, until then stay Curvy.


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