There are a lot of great things I can say about the Vr-10.5!  So let’s get right to it!

The Vr-10.5 is part of the JOPEN Vanity line which from my experience are all top-notch fantastic luxury vibes. The Vr-10.5 has all the same great basic features as the others; soft silicone texture, rechargeable with charging station and wall AC adapter, easy controls, and durable, sleek, beautiful design. The noise levels for it are not whisper quiet, but definately not as loud as other vibes I have encountered that drown out the TV.

The Vr-10.5 has a length of a non-intimidating 81/2 inches with just over 5 of it is insertable. It can be used for anal play (with LOTS of caution and lube, of course.) The small smooth tip allows for safe insertion and use. I WOULD NOT suggest using the rotating feature during anal play.

The circumference is at about 4 1/2 inches with a very slight curve in the top. However, the little curve in the top really does nothing for G-spot stimulation.

The Vr-10.5 features a very powerful bullet on top that is easily controlled at the base of the device. There are controls for the bullet function and the rotation function in the shaft.  There are six speeds from barely there to “pop your head off”. The tip top of the bullet has two clit tickling flaps that add extra stimulation. I am not really a rotation lover, but found that the rotations are very smooth and effective.

The bullet neck is very flexible so it allows for you to move it around at your leisure to get the right “spot”.  Finding the right placement for the flaps can take some practice, but once you find it, it works fantastic.

The battery life is great in that after a full charge, I didn’t  have to charge it again for a few days. The vibe comes boxed beautifully and also comes with a JOPEN storage bag for safe keeping. It does come with a 4-hour charge that gives you the chance to use it for a little while right out of the box.

The Vr-10.5 is not waterproof so I  suggest using top cleaners to truly maintain your toy. Especially ones that are as wonderful an investment as JOPEN products.

Vonda Howard

Vonda Howard is the author of four novels, including the widely popular, D-Cup Dives Series that features sexy, and confident plus sized women. She is also the Editor-In-Chief of Black Literature Magazine. She also enjoys appletinis, gummy bears, Chipotle and all things filled with glitter and sparkles.

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