As a fellow curvy girl, I know first hand about unleashing your confidence in the bedroom. Its a known fact confidence and sexy go hand in hand. Men love the way confidence is worn on a woman almost as much as they love sex. So just think, combining the two, can be a sexual explosion waiting to happen. Unleashing this confidence in the bedroom, starts with being totally confident within yourself. The beginning to a host of bedroom adventures starts here…

Foreplay can be demonstrated emotionally or physically. It creates a tone of excitement of whats to come next. Physical foreplay can come in the forms of games, edible body lotions and potions, and even massage oils. These are an excellent way to have your partner explore each and every one of your curves in a tasteful way. Allow your partners hands and tongue to go on a curvaceous adventure from head to toe.

Take foreplay up a notch with Bondage & Bdsm. Create a fantasy of foreplay for a beginner and beyond. Make your partners body your play ground, how about handcuffs, blindfolds, and a whip OH MY!!! While handcuffed and blindfolded take the time to explore your partner, and allow them to do the same with you. The body will work up a level of anticipation that will yearn for more.

As a curvy woman, taking control in the bedroom can be a major turn on for you and your partner. Bedroom toys assist in exactly just that. Many people may associate bedroom toys as a solo escapade, and although they are an excellent way to explore your own body to discover what you enjoy; in actuality bedroom toys can enhance any sexual experience between a couple. They focus more on the genitals for an amazing orgasm. Talk to your partner, tell them what you like as they apply pressure to enhance arousal. Guys are included with c-rings and sleeves being a great aid for male ejaculatory fun.

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