Halloween is my favorite time of year! I love all the Halloween and Fall collections that come out each year from my favorite Indie Beauty Companies. I wanted to share some of the new releases with you. The companies listed below are cruelty-free, and some are vegan.

Most of the products are loose mineral eyeshadows and blushes. There are also nail polishes, lipglosses and lipsticks. A few are pressed products.

If you’ve never heard of indie makeup, the brands I have listed here create affordable, quality products. Most are businesses created and ran by women. You can find swatches and reviews on many of the brands at my blog, Phyrra.

Silk Naturals
Silk Naturals was on hiatus during the summer because the owner just gave birth to a new baby. She came back with a vengeance and her Fall Collection is pretty amazing. It’s the Eye Spy collection. I believe all the colors here are vegan.

Silk Naturals Eye Spy Fall 2012

The collection is made up of about 22 eyeshadows in a mix of finishes including matte, sparkly, pearl and velvet.

It also has an Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette clone.

Silk Naturals Naked 2 Palette Clone

It also has 4 blushes and 5 lipsticks.

Cult Nails
Cult Nails released their Deceptive Collection! It’s a collection of top coat nail polishes that transform whatever colors you apply them over for unique and complex results. You must see Charlatan in action!
Cult Nails Deceptive Collection

Evil Shades
Evil Shades has released the Bump in the Night Collection. There are 3 LE nail polish shades:

Evil Shades LE Bump in the Night Nail Polish

Goblin Party  ~ A sage green base with a hint of teal. Purple shimmer complimented by holographic glitter, multi color large and small hex glitter, multi color string glitter and gold to pink flakes…..did I mention it glows in the dark? (must be charged in sunlight or indoor direct light for glow effect) And what is a Goblin party without a margarita. (soft margarita scent when dry)

Pumpkin Queen– A perfect autmn orange base filled with String glitter in copper, brown, black and silver, multi colored hex glitters, Red and orange micro fine holo glitter and topped with flakies of gold, copper, orange and red, with a subtle pink shimmer. When dry it has a subtle hint of the scent of a crisp fall evening.

Out of the corner of my eye– Just like that startling moment when you think you see something or someone out of the corner of your sight…are you alone? Ootcome is a dark as night black base with a shadowy purple shift, filled with all sizes and colors of hex glitter, silver and black holo micro glitter, pink, purple and holo string glitter with flakes of pink to purple. Softly scented with bubblegum.

Evil Shades Bump in the Night LE Eyeshadows

There are also 8 LE eyeshadows, too!

Morgana Cryptoria
Morgana Cryptoria has released several new eyeshadows and lipsticks for Halloween!

Morgana Cryptoria Eyeshadows

The 9 eyeshadows.

Morgana Cryptoria Lipsticks

8 Halloween lipstick shades. I love the looks of Type O, Fortune Teller and Stormin’ the Castle.

Customize your own lip palette

they also have a customize your own lip palette!

Meow Cosmetics
Meow Cosmetics has released their new Harvest Moon Collection.

Meow Harvest Moon collection

It’s a collection of 12 gorgeous eyeshadows and 4 blushes. I’m dying to get my hands on Dark Energy and Pegasus.

Meow will also soon bring back the rest of their Halloween collections including my favorites, the Friday the 13th and the Dance of Death!

Meow Friday the 13th

These are all gorgeous duochrome shades.

BftE Cosmetics
BftE Cosmetics released a very limited run Fall Collection, which sold out in less than a week!
BftE Cosmetics 2012 Limited Edition Fall Collection

They also have a great Halloween Lashes store that you can purchase lashes for $2 to $5 a pair.

Halloween lashes

Makeup Geek
Makeup Geek has released 6 new pressed shades to round out their collection.

Makeup Geek 6 new Fall Eyeshadows


Darling Girl
Darling Girl has released 2 collections for Halloween.

The Ghost with the Most

The first is The Ghost with the Most. It’s inspired by Beetlejuice! That was one of my favorite movies as a kid so I’m excited to see a collection based on it.


The second collection is Zombies. I’m not a fan of zombies. Zombies are the new Vampire. I prefer vampires.

Pretty Serious
Pretty Serious, the new Australian company that launched this year, released a collection called In the Night. It’s inspired by Sega’s Nights into Dreams game.

Pretty Serious In the Night collection

The collection has eyeshadow, nail polish and gloss available.

Pumpkin and Poppy
Pumpkin and Poppy has two fall collections coming out.

I put a spell on you Pumpkin and Poppy

I Put a Spell on You collection has a gorgeous cream blush, 3 eyeshadows, an eyeliner and a lip pencil.

Once Bitten by Pumpkin & Poppy

Once Bitten Collection includes 1 solid perfume, 1 cream eyeliner, 1 cream eyeshadow and 2 loose eyeshadows.

Dorian & Dahl
Dorian & Dahl has released several Fall and Halloween scents.

Halloween Dorian and Dahl

Fall Dorian & Dahl

I feel I should point out that Dame Caniche is a scent inspired by me. These are lovely, unique, hand blended scents.

the Two Fall Scent Descriptions are:

Mooncake Memory.’ (by Balloonhat)
The Mid-Autumn Festival is full of delights but none more important than the mooncake. Lightly roasted almonds and crushed lotus blossoms mixed with sweet brown sugar are drizzled over earthy green tea and rich ambergris soaked dragon fruit.

The Veil is Thin.’ (by Kiss My Sparkle)
The time has come. The sun has long set. The veil between worlds is thin. Ripe Mcintosh apples sway in dry leave littered wind while earthy Jack O’ Lanterns spiked with clove, spice and fig light the way to a mysteriously inviting patchouli and labdanum base.

Geek Chic Cosmetics
Geek Chic Cosmetics has released a Ninja Turtles inspired collection called Turtle Power.
Turtle Power Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
If that has you feeling nostalgic, they also released a My Little Pwny Tales collection (reminiscent of My Little Pony), and they’ve got a Great Old Ones Collection coming out (inspired by Lovecraft).
Kiss My Sass
Kiss My Sass released a Beach Romance collection. Think having dinner on the beach watching the sunset, sipping champagne.
Kiss My Sass Beach Romance
Wow! That’s a lot of indie collections! Plus, Fyrinnae hasn’t even released theirs yet and I know it will be stunning.
Do any of these excite you? Do you like Fall or Halloween collections?
Some products purchased by me. Some products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.


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