First impressions are everything; very rarely do you get the chance to make a second impression.  This is why it is very important to have a ‘picture perfect’ presentation before you attend an interview, business meeting, and in everyday life. First impressions are not just for the world, but they are for you as well.  When you look in the mirror, and you think to yourself that you look like a loser, and you step out into the world anyway, that sends out a subconscious signal into the universe.  At that moment, you are making a conscious decision to not be in alignment with vibration of success; which leaves you prone to attract the vibration that you are sending out.  So if you look in the mirror and you see a train wreck, you may want to make some adjustments before stepping out into the world!     So what if you are only going to the grocery store for a gallon of milk?  At least wash your face, remove the rollers ladies, and brush/comb the hair gentlemen. And for crying out loud, please stop wearing pajama pants in public!

Life, luck, love and lottery are a few examples of situations that have direct impact base upon statistics.  Interestingly enough, and you can judge this by the happenings in your own life, the odds that you may “bump-into” an old friend, colleague, or a potential client, during a 10 minute run to the store are high. How many times have you left your house in your less than fashionably demure appearance, and without fail have encountered someone that you know out in public?  Did you give that awkward explanation as to why your appearance is indicative of an old, dirty mop?

When you look good, you feel good, also, you sub-consciously generate a frequency to others matching how you feel.  You are also more likely to engage in conversation, make eye contact with others, and even feel compelled to walk up to a stranger to give them a business card.  Statistically, you have the power of increasing your chances of positively changing your circumstances if you are always ready to sell and market your most favorite product: YOU!

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