Which Brand Would You Like to See in the Nude ?

Nude lipstick can be a girls best friend, when the proper shade of nude comes along. I have recently take the great nude lipstick journey at the beginning of the summer to finally find my nude lip match made in heaven (Just in time for the fall) My personal journey to strip down my lips with out actually baring all began with almost everyones go to cosmetics line, MAC Cosmetics. I went 2 rounds with MAC starting off with Myth which was a very beautiful color, just not for my skin tone. Then I returned to the store and decided to actually get consultation this time, I got a  recommendation to purchase the extremely popular “Creme d’ Nude”. With time being of the essence I just took the make up artist word and purchased the product. I went home got ready and the last step was to apply my new lipstick that was sure to please…. NOT. This shade is also another beautiful color, really rich creme/beige tones that on woman of a more fair skin tone would have complimented her complexion beautifully. My dark brown skin just did not agree with the color, the application was smooth but gave me the appearance  equal to rubbing chalk on my lips :/ another 20 down the drain and my search continues. A few weeks later the nude lipstick bug hit me again so I chose to put my lips in the hands of the beauty advisers in Sephora. When I went in I explained my troubles and what I was looking for, not sure if the actual “nude” color was nude for my skin tone. I was escorted  to the Yves Saint Laurant counter where we did a few color swatches and tried on a few colors. The decision was made by both myself and the adviser that “Sensual Silk” was the best shade for me. I was super excited to finally have a nude that I tried on in Sephora and knew that this was my color. I get home to put it on and then it happened again. It was pink, Im not sure if it was the lighting in the store that took away from the pink hue or that I was so distracted by all the colors we looked at but this still was not the color for me. 30 dollars this time. At this point I was over it, I was no longer searching for nude lipstick since I kept hitting dead ends. Last weekend I was with my friend while she was shopping in a little beauty supply shop for products and came across an NYX Cosmetics stand. I grabbed some glitter eyeshadow, eyeshadow base,and grabbed a few lips sticks since each item was only 5 dollars. I take everything home to try it on I figured if I didn’t like it I would use it in my kit. AHHH From the heavens above I have on the most amazing shade of nude, Butter by NYX Cosmetics is my answer to my month long search for the perfect nude lipstick. Its beige and pale, but warm and matte all at the same time and for it to be an inexpensive brand the application is very smooth. At last I have my nude match made it heaven. *

Lesson Learned: Always try on product before purchasing

All shades of skin mean all shades of cosmetics. The same color can look different depending on skin tone.

Keep searching until you find it, there are so many companies with various products in every shade. Don’t give up

What have you ladies gone through to find your perfect shade of lipstick ?

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