Introducing the best thing to happen to a women’s shoe closet since… Well ever! The Shoe condom and panty collection! I ran across this little wonder on website and became so excited I almost got misty eyed! Basically theses little gems can transform any pair of heels weather you are looking to bling them out, put on spikes, ribbons or add a little color! Just slip them on and your heels are protected from scuffs and looking fabulous!  Heel condoms have been making a huge splash with Fashionistas worldwide since they came on the scene in October of 2010 appearing in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Glamour, and Cosmogirl! The old days of limited choices are now a thing of the past! Now you can expand your shoe closet without breaking the bank! Heel Condoms and panty’s are available on their website and start out at about $20 and up.

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