So the question I think everyone asks when dating someone is “How many sexual partners have you had?” Is 5 too many? 10? What about 15?  Maybe even 25?  How many sexual partners should 1 have to be considered “exxxperienced”?  Do we REALLY want people to be honest with this answer?  I’ve heard guys say whatever a woman tells u multiply that by 3.  So if she says she’s only had 6, she really means 18..LOL

Does it REALLY matter how many partners someone has had sex with if its PROTECTED sex…I think that’s the more important question….How many partners have you had UNPROTECTED sex with? What if they’ve only had sex w/ 3 people but they were all in relationships….Everyone knows when your in a relationship sex is a given! You can have sex w/ the same person many many times and acquire lots of sexual “exxxperience” from just a few people.
What about the length of time they’ve been having sex?  Is it different between men and women?  Should a woman even reveal how many?  What do you think?
Dating website asked over 10,000 of its male and female members to list how many ex-lovers they wanted a new partner to have.
The results were:
• 48% of women and 45% of men said that around ten was perfect
• 35 % of women and 44% of men said that below ten was perfect
• 13 % of women and 9% of men said that between ten and 30 was perfect 
• 4% of women and 2% of men said that over 30 was perfect
Those polled were also asked if they wanted to know how many lovers a new partner has had in their
past.  Just 31% of women wanted to know a man’s total – against 69% who would rather not find out.
For men, 43% wanted to know a woman’s sexual history, against 57% who said they would rather not
find out.
The results may be giving us a fascinating insight into dating etiquette – and suggest men are less tolerant of promiscuity than woman.
By: Brittany Lofton

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