So you say your man left you because you are “too thick?” Relationships are tough enough on their own without having all the other confusion to go along with it. So you have a little more curves than the next person! I know you have heard this a million times; well here’s a million and one, if a man truly wants you, he wants you and only; no exceptions or excuses. Listen, you did not become thick overnight and more than likely you were thick when you met him. Two important factors to remember is, when your mate starts to focus or zoom in on your imperfections, there is something that he is unhappy about himself or his interest is elsewhere, so he needs an excuse to cut the ties with you. I know it’s not right, but it’s true.  Now we can do this two ways, one let him stay gone or two repair the relationship. Look, I know it’s hard to let go of something you put a lot of investment into, but if that investment is losing value, it’s time to close the account. If you decide to stay, arrange some alone time with your mate and ask questions. Have these questions already prepared and keep it short and sweet. Remember men will start to drift if you lose their attention with long drawn out questions. Your questions should consist of:

  • Why is my weight an issue now?
  • Is the issue really my weight?
  • Are you interested in someone else?

Be prepared, you may not like the answers to some of these questions, but at least you will know what your next move should be. It is important to remember, there is nothing wrong with compromising for a more healthier you, however, if the compromises presented consistently include YOU ONLY, do not keep changing everything about yourself because this person will never be satisfied no matter how much you change. Either he loves who you are, the way you are, or he doesn’t  You have to be confident enough to know that you are uniquely beautiful and wonderfully made no matter what size you are. You must keep this confidence prevalent in everything you do. Here’s a Poem from my book (Rejuvenational Freedom). Until next time, keep it Curvy!


I am unique

As God has made me to be

My face, hair and build

Although similarities


None exact you see

Uniquely designed to add to life’s existence

Taught by the best teacher

Who’s strong, powerful and realistic

Uniquely made, no clone

Can be duplicated

This design my God has made

Has perpetuated a superiority

Of ownership

From my eyes to my nose

And down to my curvaceous hips

I am proud of His blueprint of me

For it is not like anyone else’s

Now that’s a victory

From my fingerprints to the way

My back dips

From my caramel skin

To my beautiful full lips

I was designed as a representation

Of Him

From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet

No imperfections in His eyes

As it relates to everything about me

Including my physic

For I am wonderfully made

And unique

©Poetry and writing by: Felecia Adams