They’re not ruby slippers, but they’re certainly a gem. This is THE classic ballet slipper designed by SwitchFlops pioneer Lindsay Phillips. Her concept for sassy shoes and slippers evolved while she was in high school. She honed her ideas during college, and studying overseas, experiencing different cultures and design. I’ve personally known Lindsay for over 5 years, and her success can be attributed to her keen sense of style and creativity. You go girl. I love these slippers. You can wear them at home while curling up with a good book, or even while you’re out on the town. Her line of slippers, shoes and heels are interchangeable, and a great asset for any woman’s wardrobe. Check out Lindsay’s line at:

Cynthia Newdel

Cynthia Newdel knows the ins and outs of entertainment and business news. After all, she has been in the television industry for over 20 years. Ms. Newdel has been in Las Vegas since 2004 and is the Associate Producer/Guest Booker for MORE & MORE Access at FOX5 KVVU-TV.

Prior to that, she was at FOX News Channel for 6 years where she was Senior Booker for Neil Cavuto. Cynthia has booked a bevy of guests – everyone from Don King to Larry King.

She is also partner of The Cynthia Daniel Company in Las Vegas. The firm specializes in media training, coaching, public speaking and video production.

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