Beautiful features of the eyes are the eyelashes. Most women try hard to get long, thick and full eyelashes. Taking care of eyelashes and maintaining them should be a routine. Many women choose to wear false lashes to enhance their eyes. However, there are many do’s and don’t of the Lash world.

  1. If you are trying to achieve the most natural look as possible try going for a shorter and fuller false lash. Leave the fantasy lash for the runway.
  2. If you are going to wear individual lashes please the glue recommended for them. Using hair glues are not a good idea. Hair glues make the hair dry and brittle and using these glues will also make your eyelashes dry and brittle and in the end you will end up losing some of your own beautiful lashes.
  3. You also want to remove false lashes properly. Never pull or pluck them out doing this will damage your own eyelashes and the follicle. Walking around with bald spots is very uncomfortable!
  4. Ladies we all love our false lashes however, wearing them for prolonged periods of time is not suggested. They must be removed and replaced. Wearing them for too long will cause and accumulation of eyelash mites known as Demodex folliculorum (yuck!) If you want to wear false lashes for longer periods invest in semi permanent lashes.
  5. Choose a lash specialist who has some knowledge and experience of applying false eyelashes

Semi Permanent lashes are an excellent choice when choosing to wear false lashes for an extended period of time. They are waterproof, more natural looking. When professionally and properly applied, you cannot feel any difference after having your lashes enhanced with Lavish Lashes Professional Eyelash Extensions. Lavish Lashes Professional Eyelash Extensions are for professional use only, and must be applied by someone trained and certified in applying eyelash extensions. Before purchasing this service, make sure your eyelash extension professional is certified by Lavish Lashes to ensure the highest level of quality training. Lavish Lashes Professional Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent, lasting 4-6 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes and other factors.

Certified Lavish Lash Technician: Meghan Carr