….And boy does this look good!

Lindsay Lohan is hoping to make a come back in the tabloids for something other than trouble with booze, drugs and the law! The 26-year old actress is portraying the talented Elizabeth Taylor in the biography Lifetime Original movie, “Liz & Dick“.

The movie focuses on the academy award-winning actresses 10+ year love life with actor Richard Burton, played by actor Grant Bowler, that resulted in marriage, divorce, marriage and divorce again! The relationship was closely watched by millions and even condemned by The Vatican! So you know this is going to be good!

Lohan, who filmed the movie back earlier this year, has the media talking about this one!

Her performance of the purple-eyed celebrity, is said to be both one of her best and worst performances yet. But she had to do something right if she snagged the gig from her “Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen” co-star Megan Fox and that’s not all the gossip. It was also reported that Lindsay suffered from dehydration and exhaustion days AFTER she smashed her rented Porsche into an 118-wheeler! Hopefully this turns out good for the highly criticize actress.

Well check out the trailer below and decide for yourself and make sure your TV’s, phones, tablets & PC’s are tuned in on November 25th at 9pm only on Lifetime!