When someone finds out I lost 178 pounds in less than two years the first question out their mouth after looking me up and down is “how’d you do that?” And honestly I’m always remised to only give them a generic “how-to” response because as a society we’re far from information deprived.

At any point, you can Google ANYTHING you want to know, so if achievement was simple based on knowing “how” to do something then we’d all have Beyoncé’s body and Warren Buffet’s financial portfolios (assuming that’s what you want).

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated with studying the inner workings and backgrounds of successful people. Still today I love reading about the people I admire most, and I’m always looking at the intricate details of their lives asking not only “How do they do what they do?” but also “what inspires them to do it?”

I was always curious to know what ‘that’ one determining factor was that caused the breakthrough in their bodies, businesses or lives. I really wanted to know what took them from ordinary to extraordinary.

I realized that each one of them had FIRST made an “all or nothing” decision: to live their purpose, to achieve their goal, or to do whatever it took to have what they want. As I look back at my life during my 300 pound plus days, I discovered that my massive weight loss and lifestyle transformation was the result of my frustration about my situation coupled with my unwillingness to tolerate it any longer, then me making a decision to “do whatever it takes to change my body and my life by any means necessary.” 

For others they may have found their passion(s) early in life and made the decision to go for it, full-out, with no excuses.

No matter how you arrived at what you want, the first step is to know “why” you want it. The next step is to get clear on your outcome. The key to manifesting it is always the same…Boldly claim that outcome as your own and allow yourself to feel it in your body.

This is making a decision. Not just any decision, but an all-or-nothing, passionate decision.

Women often avoid making decisions because of what they think it will represent. They think that making a decision means working harder. But really the only action you need to take is aligned action – action that will bring you closer to what you want. Yes, it might be uncomfortable…but remember uncomfortable does not have to equal “hard.”

Another thing I noticed the people I admired had in common was they were all masters at making passionate decisions. There’s a certain power that comes along with making a passionate decision and as a result there’s a force that pulls you forward, almost as if by magic. It’s not that you don’t have to do the work – of course you do! But here’s what happens…

When you make a passionate decision, you become perfectly aligned and connected with your purpose. A space opens up for the conflict inside of you to be released and the Universe responds by lining everything up to support you in your decision.

If you’re not manifesting the results you want in your life, unquestionably there’s a passionate decision that you need to make somewhere. And it might not be what you think.

As a Weight Loss & Lifestyle expert my request to you is to take a look at where you may have resisted making a passionate decision in the past, and ask yourself, “Why am I holding back on committing to this?” (One possibility may be that it’s about someone else’s agenda.)

Then make the passionate decision…Say to yourself, “This is who I am. This is what I’m going to do. And nothing will get in the way of me creating and attaining what I want.”

When you make passionate decisions and act on them in the face of discomfort, uncertainty or fear, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish, how your mind, body and life will transform as well as ‘the new woman’ you will become in the process! Trust me I lost almost 200 pounds as a result, so I know the power AND purpose of making a passionate decision!


Brandy Edwards

Brandy, who at one time tipped the scales at 327 pounds, now serves the worlds as a Women’s Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach. One of her deepest passions involves helping women to live “Fit, Fabulous and Fierce” lives. With this as her inspiration, it is through her exclusive lifestyle brand BrandyEdwards.com that she personally touches, teaches and transforms women’s minds, bodies and lives by showing them how to change the most important thing of all…their minds. To discover more and to get your free ‘Ultimate Woman’s Lifestyle Guide to a Kick-Ass Body & Life’ log onto BrandyEdwards.com

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