Lace N Leopard
Myth: Curvy women “want to be covered from head to toe.”

What does your wardrobe say about you? Are you classic (black, whites) or risqué (prints, bold colors); feminine (pastels, peplums) or rocker-chic (leather, graphic tees)? Perhaps you want to dress more like your fashion icon, but “unrealistic sample sizes” discouraged you from making a “risque” statement. Taking a look in Tiffany Crawford‘s closet, there are threads of confidence, curves and creativity. Creator of Lace N Leopard, she addresses the myth about curvy women and fashion, and shares shopping challenges and tips:

Describe your style. I’m laid back, so I consider my style chill–with a little edge and sex appeal. I love to feel sexy, but classy. I also love to mix a little old with new. I’m an avid thriftier J Who’s your fashion icon? Cassie, Zoe Saldana, and Jennifer Lopez. Overall, Jennifer Lopez embodies everything I love: Curves. Beauty. Edge. Sex Appeal. Class. Legendary icons? Dorothy Dandridge, hands down. She’s a timeless beauty, and I loved her off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. How she’d put flowers in her hair–very sensual and feminine.

What myth exists about plus-size women and fashion? In mainstream, [there’s] stick thin models, unrealistic “sample” sizes, and unhealthy body images. There are some fashionable plus-size stores and designers out there, [but] few; and [fewer] sites cater to plus-size women. [The myths are] plus-size and fashion don’t mix; clothing is for older people; [curvy women] want to be covered from head to toe.

Plus-size women aren’t respected as they should be when it comes to fashion. We’re on the way, [things are changing, but] we’re definitely not there yet. The mentality is, “it’s cute to be a big girl” [instead of] “it’s cute”. I want to not only inspire plus-size women with fashion, but every woman.

How often do you take submissions for ‘Same Fit, Done Thick’? It’s just starting out, [but] it’s beginning to grow. For now, I post weekly. Ideally, I want to showcase beautiful curvy and plus-size women [who’ve] recreated their favorite looks [inspired by celebrities or small-models] daily. I saw ‘Alicia Keys’ and a high fashion (small girl inspired) oxblood dress recreated. Cute, cute.

Same Fit Done Thick, "Celebrity Inspired"
Same Fit Done Thick, “Celebrity Inspired”

What’s your fashion challenge? Finding high boots that fit my legs, or cute and comfortable heels. Still haven’t mastered that. Either they’re cute and hurt, or not-so-cute and comfortable. Ugh lol.

Are you ready for Black Friday? What’s on your wish list? I always miss out on what I want on Black Friday! I just don’t wake up fast enough or stalk the internet good enough (lol). My wish list ‘Top 3’ are gold-plated belt, luxurious hair and power shoulder leather jacket. Any favorite stores or shopping tips? Inquiring Minds” list my favorite plus-size stores and designers. My #1 shopping tip is make sure whatever you buy you’re comfortable in. Nobody wants to pull a dress down or suck-in their stomach in all night. Comfort is confidence.

How long have you’ve been inspired/involved in fashion? A ‘tomboy’ until about 13, I wore sweat-suits and tennis shoes. My aunt introduced me to fashion. She was very feminine: always wore makeup, dressed her best, and hair stayed on point. Being around her, I picked up fashion became my passion. In the future, I’d love to develop plus-size pieces or open a boutique. ###

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you make it.