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BootDazzles Spice Up Every Outfit For The Holiday Season

The Ultimate Accessory With An Adjustable Fit For However You Choose to Wear

Connie   Dressing up an outfit this Spring has never been easier than with BootDazzles®. Boot Dazzles® are a decorative trim made with beads and feathers that come in a variety colors and styles that make each set unique to the consumer. They instantly upgrade any heel, sandal, high-boot or bootie from just ordinary to fabulously extraordinary!


Fashion is constantly changing and evolving to the next trend or season, and BootDazzles® are a great way for every fashionista to have the latest styles without breaking the bank. BootDazzles® have an adjustable bead on the trim which allows women to have a snug or loose fit on their boots. They fit any size boot and take only a few seconds to put on for a look that is sure to turn heads all day. Since BootDazzles® can be easily taken th_boot-dazzle-annette-1 on or off, you are free to choose more fun styles from www.BootDazzles.com for any occasion.

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All BootDazzles® products have a unique name for every style. Just one look and you’ll be dazzled. The Annette(left) has polka-dot guinea feathers with braided trim and wooden beads, and is sure to add the ‘wow’ factor to any summer time outfit. For a more casual look, the Lori (lower right) has multi-feathered band that makes a great headband or hatband. For a cute way to add to your look, try the Trish (upper right). It’s a headband with brown feathers and a little green flower.

BootDazzles® are not solely made for your boots, but can be worn as headbands, armbands, necklaces, around your hat or tied to a purse or backpack. These unique and fashionable accessories can be purchased online at www.BootDazzles.com . Check them out today! The possibilities are endless.

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