As time progresses, and our surroundings continuously evolve so does the idea of success.   This is why many people believe that success is more of a journey rather than a permanent destination.  Successful people are people on a continuous journey, who maximize beneficial opportunities in the quest for betterment.  Once you achieved the success that you have defined, you also have to continue making decisions that will maintain the success that you have achieved.  To those whom much is given, much is expected.    –John F. Kennedy

What exactly is success?   Is it a level? Is it a state of mind? Is it a place?  Is it an idea?  Or shall these questions be rephrased to ask; “How do YOU define success?”  Are you defining success for yourself based on what you see around you?  Do you define success by other people’s interpretation of you?  Do you define success as having large amounts of money, fancy cars, a big house etc.?   I used to define success from the perspective described above, and from having that mindset, I developed an internal conflict within myself.  I had not recognized the multitude of small, yet great accomplishments that I had made in my life.  These small accomplishments are the brick and mortar to the path of my success in the grand scheme of things.  I used to measure my solid accomplishments to material worth that intrinsically did not matter!

Success is an energy, a frequency, a vibration, and a wave; to the likeness of an ocean tidal wave.  When surfers catch a wave, their entire intent is to resiliently ride that wave until they can ride it no longer.  You can see the success on people, and it has nothing to do with the clothes that they are wearing.  You can smell it, but it is not the perfume or cologne.  It is a full embodiment of energy that surrounds successful people and it emanates throughout their speech, their demeanor, posture and more. There is a certain confidence or some may call it ‘swag’ about the person. Successful people can tip-toe into a crowded room of strangers, but their presence is so thunderous, that everyone in the room acknowledges that this person was there. When you carry a successful vibration, your existence is indelible. When people come up to you and say that they remember you from somewhere; that means that you left a lasting impression. There are 7 billion people in the world today and someone remembers you…  Success(19)

If you are in pursuit of a dream, what better person than you, can give you credit, validate you and praise you?  After all, if you are not willing to do this for yourself, then how do you expect others to appreciate your contributions to the world?   Let’s look at an example of a person who believes that their purpose in life is to become a famous singer.  This singer has worked very hard at trying to gain a major recording label deal, and has chosen to define their idea of success by means of notoriety, money and the lifestyle of fame.  On the local level, within the singer’s hometown, the singer has performed at quite a few venues, and has began to create a realm of local recognition. How many people need to know the singer, before the singer can be labeled as famous?  How much money does the singer need in order to reach this status of ‘fame’?   How many people are needed to sing the lines of the singer’s songs before that singer can believe that he or she is a STAR?

Many of us look for success on the outside.  You will never find it there.  True success begins within.  You must believe that you are already successful. Own the vision and idea of what you want to become in the future.   Many times we define ourselves by standards that are set by others such as industry standards, academic standards, financial standards, parental standards, etc.  Ponder for a moment the idea of not having any external pre-set standards to measure ourselves against.  Would we simply live as individuals accepting ourselves for who we are in a world where motivations and decisions stem directly from what makes us feel good and happy inside?  What if every person in this world contributed a talent that was solely and uniquely different, that fueled vital and essential roles in the existence of humanity?   Perhaps the focal point of mediocrity or excellence would be yourself, for you would be the only person in the world who could perform an isolated talent. Whether it is performed well or not would only be open to judgment by you.  If there is no other talent to compare, then you would in fact be your own standard of what greatness is.

In order to keep an unadulterated focus on your success sometimes you may have to create a protective realm around you. I like the idea of mentally creating what I call a ‘safety tunnel’.  This ‘safety tunnel’ can be mentally designed and decorated however you want it to be.  This tunnel is a place where you can go where there is no one there but you.  It is a place where you can continue to work on yourself, your goals or dreams without the interruption of external stimuli such as negative chatter and opinions.  This tunnel protects you from the unwanted opinions, criticisms, and negativity commonly accompanied with the pursuit of success.  Although it seems realistic that your closest counterparts should support what you do, it is not uncommon to receive the greatest amount of resistance, push back and lack of support from those close to you.  The reasons for lack of support may vary, and though some of it may be sincere concern with your best interest at heart, be prepared to filter all responses sifting the destructive from the constructive.  If this is not a reality for you, then of course it is a good thing, support is a great tool to encourage you to do your best.  With or without encouragement, the ideal way to operate in the world of manifesting your goals is to do so independent of the opinions of others. As with much criticism, remember it is more than likely just an opinion, so do not absorb it too personally without examining if and how it can work to your benefit.

Consider this scenario, a decorated war veteran, who has fought for his country, rising above basic expectations, sacrifice and bravery, is now back in the U.S. and is now unfortunately homeless.  Is not this decorated war veteran still a hero, measured by his/her accomplishments regardless of their current status?   Based on your own standards, if you believe that you are a hero for something that you have done in life for the betterment of someone, something, or a situation, then you are a hero, even if you receive absolutely no recognition for your deed.  The unseen hero lies within us all, and validation of that is not from a newspaper article, a televised interview, or monetary reward.  The choice is yours, who are you not to be great or successful? Who are you not to be able to define your own success?

Excerpt from the forthcoming book/program Success Is Spelled With Two C’s

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