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Bronx native Joseph Antonio Cartagena also known as Fat Joe of Terror Squad is facing jail time. Sources say that he is looking at a one to two year bid for tax evasion. He failed to pay the IRS in 2007 – 2008 and owes $700,000 in back taxes. He was charged by New Jersey federal court this past week and was freed on a $250,000 bond.He pled guilty and will return for sentencing in April.

Fat Joe was recently highly praised for 88 pound weight loss.

Christina N. Terrero

Hello, World! My name is Christina De Las Nieves Terrero and I’m not your typical Miami girl. Yes, I was born and raised in Miami, but I have felt I have always walked to the beat of a different drum. I went through all the typical stages in life including band, ghetto, rocker and extra Cuban and really extra Cuban stages.

I was born on August 20th, as I’m a Leo. Once you really get to know me you will find my alpha female traits. My parents divorced when I was 6 months old and my father re-married when I was a young teenager. As an only child in-between my father and mother, I believe that explains a lot without the need of many details.

My senior year of high school I discovered my passion of media communications, which lead me to future my education at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with my degree in media communications. I have a love for all type of communications including radio, tv and public relations.Currently, I'm furthering my education, in public relations and marketing at Miami Dade College and looking forward to completing my masters at University of Florida.

I’m a wacky person with lots of random taste. I’m a lover of life and Jesus, along with a social media fanatic, a theme park enthusiast, and a shelf pro-claim plus size fashionista. My heart is also in giving back and making the world a better place. So stay tune, I’m sure this ride is going to be interesting, and looking forward to sharing with you all.

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