I was recently connected with a powerful woman, Janet D. Thomas!  No she’s not a weight lifter but she does help lift weight off of you.  She is the author of the book “Lemons, Lemonade and Life.”
cover-front2How many of you have had a few lemons cross your path?  Well get ready to learn how you can squeeze those babies and make them into something sweet and refreshing.  I sat down with Janet and talked about her book, how it’s helped me in my life and some of the key things people can do to make lemons work for them.  So get your Lemon Drop Martini and click on the YouTube link below and get some motivation to turn lemons into lemonade for an even SWEETER life.

Lemons, Lemonade and Life

Thanks so much for watching.  Be sure to visit Janet’s website at www.JanetDThomas.com for more information on her movement!

With Style,