Who knew folks would find this offensive? Why would people even give a hoot that the size of a mannequin was…CURVY? I’m sure it shocked many that the usual size 4 mannequin wasn’t posing outside of its favorite store and they had to really “clutch the pearls” and see the actual size of over 60% of people in America! Now admittedly so this article displays a mannequin that I even find oddly strange but the point is we need to stop being closed-minded. Luckily the folks at JC Penney’s and QVC have been using +Sized mannequin representation for years. Two snaps in a circle for them! Retailers are looking at consumer sales and waking up to the size 12 and up market – DUH we’ve been here desperately seeking your nod. Well not desperate but we have been waiting for sure! So what better way to appeal to consumers then to show us how we’d really look with that outfit we have been stalking from afar?

As I said the pictured mannequin in this article is a bit…well unproportioned but check out this beauty here. I’d buy what she was wearing in a heart beat!

Closing thoughts and I’ll take my seat: If you’re offended by a mannequin I guess you just won’t be able to take these curves as they walk past you in the streets. And to those that are of that mind-set I’ll be sure to give you an extra catwalk glance as I pass you up on my way to reality instead of living in your fiction!

With Style,