5 Keys to Making ‘It’ Happen in 2013!

Despite being a few weeks into the New Year many of us are still contemplating and “figuring out” how to “live out” 2013…My advice is with intention. In previous year’s many of you were stuck in what I consider “holding states”, where you could see where you wanted but couldn’t clearly figure out how to get there. In that state you’re left struggling with fear and are unable to do much more than wish, want and wait for your life to begin and dreams to come alive.

However, 2013 is definitely more about “walking the walk” than just talking it (well done beats well said anytime). This year is about giving birth to those dreams and visions inside of you so that you can impact the world with your presence AND all of your gifts.

intentionalWithout a doubt this it will be a year of intention AND transformation for me in both my business and in my personal life…Well, at least that is my intention…and I sincerely wish the same for you, too.

This year I know many of you are (and will be) stepping out into opportunities that will stretch you, test you, challenge you, and ultimately elevate you so that you can make an impact on the world AND allow you to “be the change you wish to see in the world” (as Gandhi so graciously put it).

While this is going to sound like a contradiction, it is in truth that I say it…This season of your life is sure to be an exciting time, but also a scary one. There is going to be many moments of uncertainty when you think to yourself “what if I set my heart on achieving certain dreams and then I don’t?”

Or on the flip side, “what if I do achieve them?” “Am I ready?” “Can I handle it?” How different will my life be?” Trust me, it’s very easy to freak out

you-can-do-itor just freeze in overwhelm when standing in front of that 12 Month calendar…thinking “what now?” or “what next?”

That being said, I’d like to share with you the 5 principles that keep me grounded (yet propelled) and balanced when embarking on a New Year.

  1. Commit to unconditionally loving yourself – no matter what. We all know that any goal worth having comes with its successes and failures as well as triumphs and challenges, along the way. So make a “commitment” with yourself to be forgiving and loving, no matter what, especially when things don’t go your way. Always honor your efforts from a place of love, self-acknowledgement and compassion. So when you fall you’ll be able to more easily get back up.
  2. Make gratitude more than a practice – make it a habit. It’s not enough to simply say “thank you” in exchange for someone doing something for you. Intentional and habitual gratitude simply put means “feeling” grateful for where you are now and whatever you have currently; even if deep down you want to be, do or have something else. Truly gratitude is an attitude…It begins from within and manifests itself outwardly. So look at your life and ask yourself if the reason you don’t have certain things is because you’ve been spending too much time complaining and taking what you do have for granted.
  3. tumblr_mg3233nXIZ1qj30ayo1_400Always be yourself – so there’s no competition. You are unique! And there’s NO other person on this earth with your specific blend of gifts, talents, skills, abilities or background. Therefore with that being said the pressure of comparison and competition should be removed because you are not meant to be anyone other than who you are (and visa-versa), so in the words of Russell Simmons “Do You!”
  4. Get comfortable “feeling” uncomfortable. Bottom line, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable when we stretch ourselves beyond what we’ve achieved before. There’s always turbulence right before you transcend to the next level. So embrace that discomfort and instead of allowing fear to keep you stuck recognize that it’s just a feeling. Like everything else in life it too shall pass. Some fear is normal but by learning to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, you’ll remove its power.
  5. Act “as if.” Again, it is very important to be intentional and clear on your vision and plans for the year ahead, so that as you make your day to day decisions and take action, you can easily ask yourself if the decisions you’re making are congruent with who you aspire to be. When faced with a difficult decision, stop and ask yourself, “Is this going to put me closer to or further away from the person I aspire to be?” Remember your decisions should always be made in light of where you are going NOT where you are now.

So there it is…I wish you much peace, prosperity and pleasure this year. If you follow the principles that I’ve laid out for you you’ll be well on your way to making it happen in 2013!


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