I’ve yet to find accessories with substantial meaning, impact, and a story to tell. Color by Amber is the concept of family, sustainability, and creativity. Amber is the concept of encapsulating pieces of our natural world and preserving them as treasured keepsakes. Amber also encapsulates our ideals about the natural world. Anyone who wears Color by Amber knows that they are big believers in sustainability and social responsibility, so they only use eco-friendly materials and highly recyclable products. With a multitude of bangles, cuffs, necklaces, and earrings, Color by Amber’s accessories are bold, bright, and beautiful! Pile them on! Layering different sizes of bangles, necklaces, or rings that have color, depth, and texture make a statement. These accessories compliment everything; even mix them up with your other fav accessories. MORE IS MORE, but remember… Accessorize to the max with one area of focus. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking overdone. These one of a kind accessories make the perfect gift too and your family and friends will LOVE YOU! To shop, visit www.colorbyamber.com. BE YOUR AUTHENTIC YOU!

Color by Amber Accessories
Color by Amber bangle bundle
Color by Amber candy necklaces
Color by Amber Sequin Cuff