Seems like everything has a season . Lately it seems like everyone is getting pregnant. Jay z and Beyonce, Jessica Simpson is doing it back to back and now Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have spawned!

The announcement came in a surprising outburst from the proud papa during a live proformance Kanye made quite the declaration referring to Kim as his “baby mama” at a  concert, and no one was more surprised to hear his announcement than Kardashian herself , seemingly expecting to be a little less public with the news , still on Monday morning, the pregnant reality star took to her blog to elaborate on West’s weekend announcement. “It’s true” She gushed on her blog.

Kim  might be used to living her life on camera but now she’s pregnant it seems the reality star isn’t quite so sure about everything appearing on screen – including the birth of her first child.Kim’s older sister Kourtney has given birth twice in front of the cameras for the Kardashian clan’s fly-on-the-wall reality series, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, but Kim and boyfriend Kanye West are said to be less keen. The decision whether or not to have the birth of  baby Kimanye on camera seems to be a done deal, both parents seems to agree.