I was so excited to learn that we curvy girls have another fashion option that I’d never even considered. Yes even the StyleDIVA can learn! I was first introduced to ModCloth last spring and then again when I saw a dress I had to have for an interview I was conducting. ModCloth is an online vintage inspired clothier that features a retro, indie line of dresses (and other accessories) for the straight and curvy community. Of course I fell in love with them because of their Curvy Size line and had to share it with my fellow Plus Size Barbies.

After talking with Category Manager, Samara Fetto about the Curvy Line I found out that it is currently in a testing phase but they are excited to announce that it will officially launch in Spring 2013. Fettos’ role at ModCloth is to continue to make connections, select product and analyze the business financial plans. It’s a full time job reaching out to their current customer base and finding out what brands they are interested in and bringing them to ModCloth. But she is excited to announce that two powerhouse brands will be featured in their line. Monif C. and Youtheary Khmer are both joining the Spring 2013 collection and more surprises are in store for Summer 2013. According to Fetto, “These designers have a great pull for core assortment and we are excited about working with them to expand their line.” This diva is over the moon too!

But why vintage? Well the answer is simple. There is no one else that offers this trend to the plus size market on a large scale. Although Fetto admits there have been challenges because many designers don’t offer vintage as a niche. That isn’t stopping the ModCloth team however; they have developed creative ways to meet this need.

One of my favorite things about the ModCloth brand is the cutesy names they come up with for the dresses. When I asked Samara about the names she said they come from a team of creatives out of Pittsburgh. Their brainstorming sessions have come up with some inspiring names for dresses like these:

Cupcakes and Candles Dress
Cupcakes and Candles
The Evening Unfolds
The Evening Unfolds
Verdant Vineyard Dress
Verdant Vineyard









But the fun really doesn’t stop there. When you become a part of the ModCloth community you get to do all sorts of exciting things on their website. Registered users can “Be the Buyer”, which lets you vote and comment on samples that might be added to the collection. Then there is the Style Gallery which I was even featured in sporting their Lady Love Song Dress. You can check it out here: http://www.modcloth.com/style-gallery#outfits/1983 I felt like a curvy Diana Ross in that dress!

As another way to include more designers into the fold they have launched, Make the Cut this year. The program helps an upcoming designer to put their product into production. Aspiring designers have the opportunity to apply at ModCloths Designer District community to stay in the loop. The next contest will begin in February, more information can be found here.

Corals, cocktail dresses, color blocking and figure flattering, classic A-line Silhouette dresses are the current trend for ModCloth. They are accomplishing their goal of delighting the customer and providing an amazing option of clothing to wear. Fetto says, “It’s an exciting company to work for. Everyone is so passionate and engaged with the customer besides being extremely creative.”

It is also their desire to open up conversation about the plus size community and connect with bloggers in that arena. Two current partnerships that have been created are with Garner Style and Miss Indie. “The Plus Size blogger community is an amazing resource and channel to partner with.” said Samara. A blogger conference is in the works to make even more connections.

ModCloth was founded by high school sweethearts – Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger –and built on a foundation of love for vintage and retro clothing. They are “America’s Fastest Growing Retailer” and this curvy girl is glad they are branching out and giving the size 12 and up ladies another fantastic fashion option. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instragram @ModCloth to stay on top of the Spring collection.

With Style,