Many, if not all, of us have seen the match making commercials on television. Each company prides itself about giving you the suitor most compatible.

As women we look for physical attractiveness, personality, and occupation. If he’s never been married and doesn’t have any children, which is rare, then his chances of a relationship quickly improve. While dating, you may possibly imagine spending the rest of your lives together while living in the Suburbs and having children.

As this dream can become a reality, it may come to a halt if you find out he has bad credit. Although many dating sites screen their suitors and your friends have the ideal partner for you, no one knows how that person handles his financial habits.

There are many people dating with bad credit. Does having bad credit make you a bad person? Absolutely not, but it can delay your dreams of a wedding, home ownership, children and everything that comes with it.

A relationship should involve a conversation about financial habits. If you’re concerned about looking overzealous while dating just watch how your suitor handles each occasion and his bills.

Ladies, don’t confuse employment with credit. It doesn’t matter how much you earn in income; it matters how much you spend. If he makes less than you, but is capable of saving and having positive money management skills then it’s a plus.

If you’re focused on what he has to offer in material possessions and he’s willing to go broke and charge up his credit cards to accept your affection then there’s a concern.