“I Sing/Act/Write Because I Must.”~Jill ScottWhyAreWeHere

What is that thing in your life that you “must” do? In other words, what is your purpose?

Any one that knows me knows that I discuss purpose often. Why? It is because I STRUGGLED with it for so long. I was often in constant conflict with myself because deep inside there were things that I wanted to do, but I allowed my self-doubt to become larger than my desire. Letting go of my dreams and passions was the start of my misery as I knew it. I let it all go because I thought I was not good enough. I never even gave anyone a chance to reject me; I rejected myself first. It was like living in purgatory. I thought giving it all up would be easier, but it was HARDER. I lived everyday wishing, wanting, and in total hell within myself. It took me over 15 years before I decided I could not live like that anymore. I finally had to seek out those things that I “must” do. I had to finally live my live on purpose and with purpose without fear.


Do you know what your purpose is? Even if you say no, the truth is, you probably already have an idea. IT IS ALREADY WITHIN YOU. It is that strong desire that is eating at you each and every day. It is that “thing” that you feel that if you do not complete, you will be totally unfulfilled. What is it that you would do for free, if money was not an issue? What are those things that bring out your natural gifts and talents? What are the visions that you have for your life? When you start asking yourself these questions and you become brutally honest with yourself about the answers, you will be on track of knowing your purpose.
If you our living on this earth right now, you have PURPOSE. You have some “musts.” We all do. Don’t let people’s approval or your own self-doubt keep you from it. Life is too short to live with regret. You deserve more. Find your “must” and do it. LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH PURPOSE!