zenHave you ever found yourself feeling imprisoned by personal timelines? Things must happen by this time, on this date, and in this order? Boxed in to the idea of rushing moments to get to a certain goal or dream and not savoring the steps along the way?

So we reach Point B & then what? The rushed panicked cycle continues…on to the next thing! We become a slave to the next timeline that we give an idea to mature and our life mirrors a constant chase where we’re always living and functioning in the next season, never in the moment. Being driven to achieve success and actively pursuing our passions with great focus are admirable qualities that can quickly work to our detriment when the lack of balance causes the chase to control every minute of our life. It is so easy to fall into the time trap and lose our joy from the false mental appearance of things not coming to pass quick enough and the inner tremors of panic that convince us that whatever ship has already set sail or not yet docked, has with it the needed cargo and is not headed our way. You become imprisoned by the thought that if not by now or within your designated time frame, it won’t happen. And if you ever want to hit an emotional low quickly hook your thoughts to that fib. Rinse & keep repeating.

I messaged two friends in a tizzy as Q1 draws to an end and I can’t see where I’m closer to the personal goals I’ve been working towards. Never one to be wired with a great deal of patience, I could feel myself beginning to drown in the quicksand of my own thoughts at which point my wiser self nudged me to reach for a help-line from the core in the crowd, who get it, get me and understand the power of the words spoken in this moment from trusted friends. Nothing said is a deep formula but rather than winding me up, the potency of their words shifts my perspective back to calm and gets me back to functioning on the balance beam of life. Tip: Know who to call for what and when.

While corporations judge their performance by the 4 quarters, the rise and fall of their stock, excel spreadsheets and profit and loss statements, I would caution handling our human function in the same way. If we determine our personal worth and measure our successes as we do a business, expect a potential emotional roller coaster with a promise to become more of a hindrance than an encourager.

One thing I’ve learned, rushing things –anything—steals the joy and the opportunity to see and experience the potential of what that thing could be. We live in a world of everything faster…everything now. We wanted food faster…Fast Food chains exploded the food industry around the same time that microwaves graced our kitchens. We wanted faster communication, the computer {age} was born. Emails and Texting often replacing a phone call. I am in no way against progression and all the great gadgets and technology that we are able to enjoy but know that we don’t have the power to control the speed of everything, and for that I’ve learned {still learning} to be grateful. Nine months is still the anticipated wait time for a planted seed to develop, grow, and be born. It doesn’t happen all at once. If healthy babies could be born at any stage of development, wouldn’t pregnant ladies opt to give birth when the pain of carrying the load became unbearably tough? Our dreams also need an incubation period. A time for the dreamer to put plans in place, become more mentally prepared to handle what will follow and sharpen needed tools for the road ahead.  Is it better to see a dream come to pass on your schedule only to make a mess of it due to being ill-prepared? Or is it not better to be seasoned over time and enjoy both the journey and the moments? As slow as it may seem, time isn’t running out. Let’s savour the moment and work towards our goals knowing that in due season they will produce.


Kay James

I am the author of "I Have A Question...Sprinkles of What My Mother & Life Have Taught Me", written under the pseudonym Clarke James. My passion for empowering others through writing has lead me to become the guest blogger for Twenty20Something.org - one of the nation's premier leadership development organizations for young women as well as J’Adore Magazine. Follow me on twitter @clarkej and warmnotes.com/blog, or stop by my on-line greeting card boutique, warmnotes.com.

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