David Letterman Grills @LindsayLohan and Makes Her Cry!


Big meanie! Last night episode of David Letterman‘s highly syndicated late night show,”Late With Letterman“, really has the nation talking now! The 65 year old talk show phenom, sat down with every one’s favorite red-head, Lindsay Lohan, and really grilled the actress and her troubled past.

Letterman wasted no time getting messy with Lindsay asking her questions such has “Yes or no, do you steal sutff?”and “Your going to rehab. What exactly are they rehabbing?” You can see that Lindsay was beginning to become irritated from the jump, but was being a good sport and laughed at most of David’s over the top questions. Now we all know that Lindsay has somewhat of a bad past, but no one deserves to be made a fool of.

Lohan then tried to get Letterman off her “past” subject and tried to lightened up the situation by getting serious and said that “rehab isn’t  bad thing. I see it as a blessing”. Guess Letterman wasn’t seeing that and pulled out a couple of sheets with all of Lindsay’s troubled topics and rumors! He goes more into detail about Lohan rehab chapter, that she’s scheduled to go into next month for 3 months, and she gave quick and short responses like “we’ve already talked about that before”. That didn’t stop Letterman making the comment, “oh we have? Guess Im the one blacking out now and needs to go to rehab” Wow!

After long pauses after the questions being asked, Lohan makes the comment that “this wasn’t in the pre-interview” and by the 6 min clip, looks like she’s had enough. Boy if looks could kill, Lindsay would have to add murder to her already extended rap sheet. She looked as if she was going to jump over the table and trample Letterman like her scene in the hit movie “Mean Girls” Lohan then grabs the packet of questions from Letterman to see how many more horrible questions she will soon face and Letterman even goes in on her reading ability and says “go ahead, if you can read it” This guys was really off his rockers!

The entire interview wasn’t all bad though. Lindsay laughed and made jokes about her past even made funny making statements like “Jimmy Fallon is taking me to rehab”. After taking over his show, LiLo broke into small tears after what Letterman said following that!

You must check out the entire video below!

Do you think David Letterman was wrong and went to far or was he just doing his job?


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