Our Deepest Fear Wants Us To Be Free!

beat-your-fear“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate….”, as Marianne Williamson so eloquently wrote. “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”….more powerful beyond our biggest mistake and our deepest and darkest secrets, I would add. There we are carrying with us the stories of our past as delicately we would our secret shame without realizing them to be our power tools. Liberated, we exhale and start to experience life at a new level. With the clutter of the past and the fear of a future event cleared, we begin to attract our deepest passions. Not only do you set your own soul free but you propel others to a level of freedom from the comfort of knowing that someone else also fell, also ‘failed’, also made a mistake, also doesn’t know, also is afraid of the unknown. And still, they are moving forward. They have risen to a higher ground with their head held high, and they share their story. The hold of fear becomes lifted and the fullness of who they are given full room to breathe and expand.

What if the only thing that is really standing between where we are and our next level is the boldness to break the shell and become completely transparent, could we do it? Deep sigh. Yes, that thing – could you really let go of your biggest insecurity or the moment you consider your most significant failure? Are you strong enough to face your secret in the face of someone else instead of cuddling it in silence?

By that I mean share openly the things we hold closest to our hearts out of fear that others may not understand and judge, or that what we shared would change who others thought we were. Is your future worth releasing the power of the past? If we let go of our fear of what others think of us could we possibly comprehend the level of freedom we would experience and how this boldness would erupt into being fearless in other areas of our lives? Wouldn’t we try more-because truth be told aren’t we most afraid of failing in front of others and being embarrassed – what would they say, we ponder? What would they think? It may be refreshing to know that skeletons do not discriminate as it pertains to whose closets they occupy–they are in everybody’s. They’re just not given the same power. And wouldn’t it also be refreshing to know that the greatest among us had to step into the unknown to get there. However terrified they may have been or unsure of where their feet would land, they took a leap and landed and grew and became who we now know. After that first leap other steps continue to be made and it becomes a new way of life.

Mixed in with our closet full is both the fear that one day they’ll be known and our feelings of inadequacy exposed. So we disqualify ourselves before each ‘new’ is set to begin as our defense. We think ourselves unworthy of moving forward or moving on to greater things because our past in our minds is our present. So we silently battle the demons in our deepest desire to keep them unknown and in the process firmly plant ourselves in a hold position. Wanting to move forward but stuck in the past.

Our life is our ministry. Every day is a pulpit to share, to heal, to encourage and press forward. As a friend of mine recently reminded me “you will never truly grow unless others can grow with you. We’re all human aren’t we?” They live that statement so well that you can see the ray of light beaming from their successes and their struggles, and watch as it radiates on the lives they touch and free with each tale they tell, bearing no shame in their past. Won’t you do the same? There is a person inside who is hoping you will stop suffocating them. They too want you to be finally free.

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