Permission Slip: It’s All Yours, If You Want It.

Without hesitation and without fear picture what your world would look like if your true desires came to fruition. Before the mental alarm sounds signaling to drop the firewalls in order to prevent hope from giving way to optimism and you actually start to believe that the very thing you want-that you’ve talked yourself out of in order to spare yourself from the disappointment of it potentially not coming true, does blossom. Wasn’t that a beautiful view?

Let’s risk the potential and go for the possibilities. Speak and think on what it is we really want and give up the schizophrenia of conflicting thoughts reflective of the internal fight: Truthfully wanting and desiring a specific end result but expecting and speaking the direct opposite of what we want. Is it fear that asked that we operate that way as a kind of safety net? Or is it our own protective mechanism that speaks to “just in case” “what if” and any hypothetical situations we have concocted in our minds. One thing’s for sure, the law of attraction like a magnet will only draw like images into our life. Whatever we’re thinking is matched by a visual. Take a few seconds to listen to your thoughts and watch your actions. Are they in sync? Are they writing one story or is it a cornucopia of different thoughts?

Think. Dream. Speak. & Expect your real desires to come to fruition. Yes, I am convinced that you can desire and fear a thing so badly that the result is utter confusion, and fear wins.

I have learned that this is as true for our professional goals as they are in matters closer to our hearts. You can want to experience love and fear being vulnerable enough to let it in because being hurt is a possibility. Without ever making the decision to step forward and take a chance, you do the one two step with trust and flirt with the possibility just enough to get your feet wet, and then you back away.

I see how this affected my own life. I have to be one of the shyest people you could meet – well tucked into a very approachable personality. Warm and inviting to a point, then soon met with a layer of very tight protection. I can laugh through pain as I can through joys and the mask of either has kept me “safe”.  Looking back, I can now easily understand the trend of the unavailable being drawn this way, and the unwilling to commit knocking on this door. Beneath the smile and laughter was an unwilling and unavailable girl too. Too afraid to shed the layer and take off the mask, so things were kept surface and surface became my safety net and the laughter my defense mechanism. What I believed was that as long as I could keep you close enough but at a distance, when hurt came, it wouldn’t sting. But it did. Then what I believed changed. Another layer was added. And what I then wanted was ‘friendship’, no titles and that came. But then something else snuck in there in the pool of no titles and rocked me to tears. I still smiled. Then another came. I believed that whatever was meant to be would work itself out, and that maybe what was meant to be in this area of my life was not necessarily great or seamless. I ran with that idea. Rocked but functioning, I remained the generous giver of gifts; as material things regardless of how meaningful they were, came at no real cost when compared to the cost of the heart. And with that belief I gave everything but my heart to keep the subconscious paranoia at ease. And in return I received everything but the heart.

My reality had connected with my subconscious and came into agreement on what it was that I was willing to handle based on the internal conflict surrounding what I wanted. Ironically I believe love is a beautiful thing and yours if you really want it and are willing to release your own barriers to give it as well. Somehow when it came to relaxing in how I felt and just trusting my heart day by day, I would shake in my boots at the strength required to be completely vulnerable with no real proof that getting hurt was not an option.

Fear ran that show and peaked its head in other areas. All it needed was an entrance and my thoughts would often so easily let it in.

What I have since learned and applied to different areas of my life is that fear comes disguised as any thought that goes against the grain of our dreams. Our thoughts are to a great deal responsible for the life we are living. What we really believe to be true is what really manifests itself in our lives just as what we fear and dwell on creates a life of its own.

What do you really want? Life has given you permission to have it. Are you ready to let it in?


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  1. Permission Slip: It’s All Yours, If You Want It.: Without hesitation and without fear picture what your… #CURVY

  2. Permission Slip: It’s All Yours, If You Want It.: Without hesitation and without fear picture what your… #CURVY

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