Broken, This Too Shall Pass

This_Too_Shall_Pass_byWhen dreams crash and plans go awry and we feel like we’re going through the furnace, during those trying times what are we releasing? Is it bitterness or more love? Is it strength or have you crumbled and fallen victim to the perceived and very temporary outcome?

Perception, when allowed to breath without strong emotion that something is happening to you versus an experience brought into your life to reveal something to you, is a hell of a mindblowing experience.

Watching as the “stories we write end”, dreams crash, things are taken away “unexpectedly” often brings with it our resistance to ‘what is’ when it is in conflict with what we wanted it to be. I’m definitely an advocate for allowing yourself permission to own how you feel and going through the processing. Where I have at times been guilty and share in hopes that it doesn’t happen to you, is getting stuck in one stage and owning the emotion rather than growing from the lesson.   Warning: No need to try this on your own. It has been tested and proven to be highly ineffective. Guaranteed to only take you through the ringer a few more extra times until you pay attention, process, learn, grow and keep moving.

I’ve stood back at times and heard myself react to certain situations and wondered who is that girl and where did she come from? See, when life is wonderful and we are pleased as punch, our behaviour and speech usually mirrors such. But how often does that same demeanour carry over into our not so great times when our very human side takes over and how you really feel and who you really are set lose?

Trouble not only reveals your resilience but also your character. We won’t see it as more of a blessing than a curse while we’re in the heat but being brought through the fires of life is the very process that reveals our ‘blind spots’ and with our permission grows us to a better version of ourselves.

If you had to graph your personal growth over the past year(s) what would that graph reveal? Was there any growth? Or have we merely replaced the situations with new ones and carrying-on the same way waiting for exterior circumstances to change while neglecting the opportunity to grow?

When I go beneath the layer of kindness and pleasantries that most people experience when interacting with me, and dig into the moments when those closest to me have tapped a nerve which I promise they have been annointed to do, I can honestly say I’ve been broken time and time again to provide an escape for things that dwell within me that do not belong. The process, however temporary, is usually as long or short, as I make it. The evolution into my true and better self whispers for me to keep pushing, keep growing, keep resisting the gentle nudge to live and function like everyone else’ or take the easy road to accept my behavior and thoughts as ‘just the way I am wired’. I may fall, and at times often, but I’m determined to grow into my better self and experience life from a more peaceful and loving place. In the broken-ness is where it begins, and I commit each day to start anew.

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