Live As If We Truly Know That We Are Free

shackles 1From under the shadows of the past, you peak out at the faint sun rays signaling a new day and feel the hope of what’s to come. The shame of your yesterdays no longer knock loudly on the doors of your memory reminding you of threats of exposure, and if they do, you do not answer. You find the courage to celebrate the true essence of your being unshackled, uncaged,and unapologetically in your rawest form. To feel the rivers of forgiveness flow easily as you find peace with your will to let go that which is not yours to hold on to, to grip only the now and the experience it teaches, to not become so fixated in an outcome that it becomes your master and your joy its slave. Remain open. Now that’s freedom. To greet each new day with expectations, but remain flexible in our thinking so that each hour has our permission to work towards our greater good.

We often say we celebrate our freedom, but do we live and function as if we really are? Are we? Or are we so caged, shackled, boxed into the perfect picture of how our world should be that we don’t find any joys in how it is? Some nations are still fighting for freedom, while the free nations fight because they do not yet acknowledge that they are really free. Shame and guilt enslave the free and the captured fail to realize that they hold the keys to their own freedom. Power is given to fear, and faith becomes its silent slave. The irony of the complexed yet simple world we live in.

Let us begin this new day free to enjoy all it brings with it. To live and love and experience its beauty. If we are so fortunate we continue into the day after and we stay open to the gifts it brings; the troubles to grow us and the love to sustain us. Stay open. Stay hungry for what each experience has to teach, and whether it causes smiles or tears, count it all joy for we are born free to choose whether we bloom into the fullness of who we really are or become chained by limited thinking.

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