Season Premiere: #Scandal Will Deliver, Come Hell or High Water

pokupstx4w[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne thing I had hoped that Scandal would NOT do, was do a time jump between the end of last season,
and the start of this season. They did not let me down, and at best, they jumped a few minutes.  And, some season premiers have left me a little unsatisfied so far, but Scandal, did not fail me. Right out the gate we got rolling with Olivia and “Dad.” That opening scene with Liv and her father was some serious and heavy stuff. It gave us a few things. First off, her father is not used to people not doing what he tells them to do, and that includes her. Secondly, the way Liv almost wilted in front of her father was a sight to see, she just doesn’t do that. Also, in my opinion, she is being a bit naïve where Fitz is concerned. Her usually sound and swift judgment seems slowed or dulled there. She knows better, but isn’t acting like it. And, her father, besides being a powerful man, is also a keeper of some secrets, about a number of people, including The President, at first, I thought he was maybe just blowing smoke, but that file at the end seems to prove otherwise.

I really enjoyed this episode. It picked up right where last season left off. We actually got to see all of the principal cast members except one, Jake, who is probably still stuck in a hole somewhere and is probably in line for some really rough treatment for a while. We got to see everyone we like and some of those we don’t and it didn’t seem like they were forced on us. They fit, they mattered, and it worked. Which brings me to Olivia’s Gladiators. I think they really messed up.

What did you do?

Yes, they can see things pretty well on the outside looking in. Olivia is too close to the situation to be objective and they could tell the White House was prepared to throw her under the bus. And I think they would have if it weren’t for some intervention on their part. And, I can see how they thought they were doing the right thing, with some internal assistance I believe, but I feel it’s going to turn around and bite everyone back hard.  Prior to their intervention, I believe the three of them, Fitz, Mellie, and Olivia, had worked out a feasible plan to possibly have this scandal in a better light come time for the Primaries.

When Cyrus began to work on putting together a “Kill Folder” on Olivia some interesting things I didn’t know, overlooked, or had forgotten came out. The information on the death of her mother was interesting, as well as the fact that since her mother’s passing, she hasn’t slept in the family home. Her father also seemed to be positioning her for greatness by the schools she attended and the path he set her upon. He may have been a very strict parent which led her to date older and powerful men around Washington D.C. She was even seen as a party girl, which has all of the markings of a girl who was finally free to explore after a rigid upbringing.

But, after Fitz spoke to Sally, and appeared to be giving her an opportunity, The Gladiators pull this stunt, and, in turn throw a White House aid into the fire just to save Olivia. Sally is not going to take this well since she took Fitz at his word and she herself has ambitions to move into the Oval Office. She was very displeased with the situation early in the episode but only seemed to be calmed by the apparent sincerity of The President to tackle this head on with his family by his side. Now, it seems like it was just a ploy to try and keep her in line. Mark my words; it’s going to come back later this season.

Is there more to Fitz than meets the eye?

In the waning minutes of the episode, heading towards yet another nicely done cliffhanger, it was an interesting conclusion, we found out who had leaked Olivia Pope’s name to the press as The President’s mistress.  They teased around it for a bit, and of course, they quickly ran through some of the usual suspects until attention turned to perhaps some Secret Service agents with loose lips. And, for a little while, that seemed to be where it came from, but we learned that it was in fact The President who was the source of the leak. He revealed this to Mellie during another argument of theirs. And, though his reasoning made sense, I do question the fact that he put her name out there in public to serve his own means during his feud with his wife.

And earlier, when her father said that he knew more than she could possibly imagine about things she could never even dream, I thought it was just fatherly hyperbole trying to drive home his point that the White House would bury her before it let Fitzgerald Grant lose the Presidency.  Well, later he met with our buddy Cyrus in an undisclosed location and showed him a file, the contents of which we are not yet privy too. And, after upgrading Cyrus’ clearance, which is saying something considering that he is the Chief of Staff, and showing him the file of a mission that The President and Jake Ballard went on back when they were in the service together, we were left with Cyrus, after reading some of the file, with a look of astonishment on his face. So, whatever is in that file must be of some importance and will come to light at some point this season. I can’t wait to find out. Some shows have good end of season cliff hangers, but Scandal manages to do it week in and week out, come hell or high water.

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