New All Natural, 100% Organic Bath & Body Line for All Skin Types

Amy Rueda created Authentic Skin Remedies after successfully battling a rare form of neuroendocrine system cancer, believed to have been hormonally based with strong environmental links.

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Amy wanted her product line to center around three factors. First, they had to contain 100% certified organic ingredients100% essential oils, and be chemical free. Second, the products needed to actually work better than many of the popular anti-aging and solution skin care products currently containing harmful chemicals. Many of her products focus on treating common skin issues such as acnerosacea and eczema using ingredients found in nature. Lastly, the products had to be easy for today’s fast-paced, savvy consumers to use on a daily basis.


The  Bath and Body Luxe line is a three step regimen to polish, gloss, quench and nourish skin from head to toe. All products are plant and fruit  based with 100 percent certified organic ingredients and pure essential oils.


image002POLISH Sugar Exfoliating Buff – $39
The perfect natural buffing formula for dry, lackluster skin. A blend of organic brown sugar crystals infused with essential Avocado Oil which helps improve circulation and acts a total body cleanser. Slough away dryness while eliminating skin impurities, for glowing skin with a delicate fragrance. After one use, skin appears to be firmer and more radiant.

Multi-Purpose Uses for Sugar Exfoliating Buff:
*pregnant belly

*men like to use POLISH as a facial exfoliator
Available in Island Bamboo & Italian Lavender scents.


image003GLOSS Essential Bath and Body Oil – $33
A subtle aromatic, multi-use emollient. This softening oil contains avocado oil and sunflower seed oil which best mimics skins natural oils. It can be layered with a daily application of QUENCH for an added boost of nourishing hydration. Use from head-to-toe to tame frizzy flyaway hair, soften nail cuticles and dry heels. Excellent as a pre-shave prep oil and to soften rough beards. Massage onto body. Leaves a delicate essence in place of harsh perfumes.

Multi-Purpose Uses for GLOSS:
*bath oil
*body oil
*unisex shaving oil
*facial pre-cleanse
*makeup remover
*hair serum
*massage oil
*natural perfume essence


Available in Island Bamboo & Italian Lavender scents.


image004QUENCH Nourishing Face and Body Balm – $45
A luxurious botanical balm will nourish the most parched skin without leaving a sticky film. Leaves your skin smooth, supple and delicately fragranced with a coconut essence. The natural, plant-based ingredients such as Sunflower Seed oil and Shea Butter soften and enrich dry, dehydrated skin, while the essence appeals to your other senses.

Multi-Purpose Uses for Nourishing Face & Body Balm:
*nighttime facial crème
*under eye crème
*body crème
*hand crème
*foot balm
*pregnant belly