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Revlon’s new Sophist-O-Twist Makes Up-Dos Easy


Love up-dos, but hate the amount of time it takes to do it right?  The new Revlon® Sophist-O-Twist® makes putting your hair up a quick and easy process. The Sophist-O-Twist creates endless up-dos including buns, side buns, French twists and half up-do buns.  The possibilities are endless.  No pins or clips are needed and the soft velvet material is gentle to your hair.

The Sophist-O-Twist includes easy to follow instructions for the most popular up-do styles.  To see the Sophist-O-Twist in action, please check out the video here –


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The Revlon Sophist-O-Twist is $7.00, exclusively at Target.

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  • So not new. Even before I was buying them in the store or at Kiosks in the 80’s my mom had some that she used when she was younger in the 40/50’s. I still use mine on my nieces.

    Oh Well, as the old ditty says

  • P.S. My mom said that back in her day they called them “Rats” or would said they “Ratted” their hair. We are from South Philly & Italian so it may have been a word derived from back in Italy or something that just fit in with the Vibe of the 40/50’s – she said she can’t remember exactly how the phrasing began…

    I know Revlon realizes this truly isn’t “New” – it would be nice if they gave a nod to the Retro identity instead of trying to make people think they’ve come up with the newest “Slice Bread”

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