Holiday Gift Ideas for Men: Tell him he is worth it too!

In searching for the perfect gifts for the men in my life one of them mentioned they loved the Coach Line for men. He is a man with broader shoulders and always has a clean, bold, professional look. We all love a man that carries himself well especially that appreciates the quality of a nice brand.  Setting out on the search for some options on the Coach site I decided to do a comparison of both Coach and Burberry.

In searching the Coach site, I was pleased to find some great gift ideas for accessories like Belts, Wallets, and Bags. However, I was disappointed to not find sizes above XL in the clothing and Outerwear but the price range for accessories was a reasonable offer I could not refuse for a  line in this class of designer brands.

Coach Photos


Burberry invited me into a line of Clothes, Accessories, and Outerwear that offered a variety of cost ranges and gave me options in clothing that ranged from S-XXL. The versatility in colors and gift ideas can be an option for the thicker men I know.


The result of my search was I am ordering Accessories from Coach and Clothing from Burberry. I wonder if the men in my life care about mismatching brands as long as whatever the item is looks good on them. Either way, both brands give a man the option to turn heads and speak volumes for his self-awareness of style and striking a distinguished presentation to the people are taking notice.

Happy searching this season of gifting for the men in your life. Whatever you choose to buy make it something they would not buy for themselves to empower them to take a bold new step in reinventing themselves in the new year.