In the doctor’s office last week  I was discussing with the receptionist about funny pick up lines. Betty at the front desk was told  me about a guy in the produce section of the grocery store recently. The guy asked Betty if he could “shuck her corn” for her. Friendly or flirty it reminded me Tis the season for opportunities of dating and love.

Here are some Holiday Dating Tips I would like to offer up if you maybe considering making this YOUR season (wink)!

Single and Loving It – Avoid the impulsive surrender.

With all the love in the air it may feel like the time is now to pick up the black book and call the guy you have been avoiding all year. Another alternative could be get a sexy holiday dress, doll it up with some of Curvy Magazines articles on make-up recommendations and go out and have some fun just being yourself!

Married– Sugar and Spice makes all things nice.

Spice up the season with some hot picks from the many options of Holiday Santa dress-up Lingerie. Or instead of spending the Holidays at home or at your family’s parties go out to a social holiday party  like you did when you were dating.

In the marketConversation starters if you are looking for love this season…

  1. It’s a wonderful time of year isn’t it? A time I wish I had someone to just share some hot chocolate with.
  2. Have you seen “The Best Man Holiday” yet? Would you like to accompany me as friends?
  3. I just wanted you to know that on a cold day like this, It’s nice to be talking with someone who seems to have a warm heart (OK, so this one starts getting cheesy but depending on the scenario it can be flattering)

No matter what status you’re in don’t put so much pressure on yourself. In between shopping, traveling, cooking, and dressing up find some time to just pamper you and enjoy!

‘Tis the season of reminiscing… What is your favorite Holiday memory of either asking someone out on a date or being asked? Tell us the setting and what made the moment so significant or lame (shucking corn? Really?).