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Living Life Out Loud

Living Life Out Loud

LiveOUTLoud260To fully give of ourselves without reservation despite the possible threat of rejection is for some one of our greatest fears. Yet in the molecules of bravery, risk positions us for victory. To take a chance and still be found standing regardless of the outcome is to become one with our authentic selves along the way.

We crave companionship but resist vulnerability. We love romance stories but hide bits and pieces of our own story. We hope to love others but struggle with loving all our scars, our past, our struggles, believed failures and the euphoria of achievement. We remain in a constant fight with ourselves not realizing that how we feel about our whole is being mirrored in the interactions and relationships we attract into our lives.

Life and love both so fragile and made to be unnecessarily complex ed at times; our chances to experience both at their highest level put on hold waiting for us to realize our greatest desires are on the other side of freedom.


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What if today we intentionally committed to be present, transparent and vulnerable? We lowered our walls, opened the white picket fence and shared who we really are? Instead of speaking from the disguised platform of our insecurities or defenses we spoke from a place of confidence in even our failures: this is who I really am and be okay with it? What are we so afraid will happen that we stand behind the shield of feeding the world and those closest to us only a portion of who we are, or worse, we paint a picture that reflects who we think they want us to be? Why do we hide behind the comfort of our jobs, busy lives and facade, if what we truly want is on the other side of transparency?

It takes a bold step to not care what others think and an equally bold step to share openly who you are at the risk that you may be judged, misunderstood or lose the closeness of friends and family. Yet, this will be the most freeing gift you can give yourself. To know for sure that those around you support you at your worst and love the very fabric of your soul. Desire for ourselves to enjoy rich interactions, solid in truth and exploding freedom. For no other reason than life is simply too short and time too precious to cheat yourself of life at its highest form. Life, I believe is meant to be lived nose wide open, smiling from ear to ear, each moment out of breath from your every encounter.

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