Women’s Day Feature: Inspire, Serve, and Grow with Kimberly O’Neil


Aside from being the youngest African American woman city manager in the US this next women has accomplished an overwhelming abundance of achievements. Kimberly O’Neil has an extensive career including being appointed city manager at a young age, she is also the founder & chief executive director of The Giving Blueprint. At the Giving Blueprint she wears many hats. She is also a leadership coach, philanthropic strategist, and charitable giving expert.

Kimberly has 2 degrees in political science, and public administration. She created the Giving Blueprint to help others who wanted to give but didn’t understand how. She creates suitable plans for philanthropist to donate to matching charitable causes. Her experience helps several charities provide assistance to causes in need of financial and planning assistance.

Kimberly O’Neil gave up a six-figure career without a plan ahead. When we asked her why she simply said “I just didn’t have the passion for what I was doing anymore. So I decided to take a nap.” She got a call to assist her former employer with his non-profit foundation. She agreed and it spread from there. Her story is truly one of passion because she wanted to be part of something bigger.

The Giving Blueprint:

The Giving Blueprint’s mission comes in a 3 part plan.

Inspire – A world of philanthropists.

Serve – The missions of charitable causes

Grow – A legion of New Non-profit leaders

Her mission helps all philanthropists learn how to find the right cause for them. It helps them determine the reason why they want to give and creates a plan to help them implement their strategies. She also is a key leader in the initiative to improve the leadership of our future generations of non-profit leaders.

Kim HeadShot - ForwardJust Kim and Friends Initiative:

In addition to the Giving Blueprint she also provides support to children who are dealing with domestic violence and homelessness each year. Through the Just Kim and Friends initiative she can help them with financial assistance and emotional support.

The funding from their events help the children get the support and help they need. If you want more information you can contact the Giving Blueprint. There is no real secret that Kimberly O’Neil is an amazing woman and contributes to society as a whole, and to our future leaders.


Although Kimberly O’Neil sacrificed a family for her career, she has managed to create personal balance in her life. She has also created a new family through her initiative. Sculpting current leaders, and creating new ones through her organization she has went above and beyond to improve her community. 

(Kimberly is also a contributing author for the book“Dare to Be a Difference Maker”volume 3. Which is available online, at Amazon, and other literary outlets.)

Kimberly O’Neil is a shining example of what the passion within our women can do. She is a true leader and deserves recognition for all that she has done. To learn more about Kimberly O’Neil you can visit www.givingblueprint.com