changeWhen 2014 first began, I coined it the year of great change. A year when thoughts and words once spoken would bear fruit rapidly and a time where things expired would not be ‘allowed’ to contaminate the present. As the first couple weeks were marked on the calendar, the number of emails and phone calls I received to communicate a shift were endless, and still are. People moving, being promoted, quitting, selling their homes, starting businesses, giving birth, all things simply in bloom. Some things ended. The change brought about by the wind blowing in a different direction. Things ending still meant the beginning of new life but often confused with the conclusion to a story because something is wrong. But could it be it’s simply the beginning of a new chapter and everything is right?

There is a certain uneasiness that change brings with it mostly because it takes us from an environment that is familiar to a place where things are new and unknown. Our ability to maneuver change well is connected to our trust factor. Do we believe that what is happening around us is working for our good?

There is something very powerful about the atmosphere of the season we are in. I’ve seen people speak a thought and watch it take root soon there after with no real effort of their own. Opportunities tapping seekers on their shoulders. Swift and sudden changes being orchestrated in such a seamless way, that you don’t have the opportunity to talk yourself out of it. We have all heard it before, life and death are in the power of the tongue or what we think and speak directs the course of our life. To think it not true and try to prove it otherwise is to think it possible to defy the laws. Can one sow words of defeat and reap victory? Can we speak of death but life spring forth?

Let’s test drive this theory. Stay on the high road of expectations that things are working out in your favor. Speak with such confidence that even things that are visibly going the wrong way, are actually going the right way and working towards your good. Not the unknown, the endings, or the uncertainties are equipped to knock you off course unless you give it permission to wreak havoc with your dear friend doubt. The beauty with life is that it’s through change that doors open and dreams come to pass. Growth takes place and we have explosive and unplanned encounters with our evolving selves. Only through the ever changing journey of life are we able to connect with the layers of our soul. That makes change a beautiful thing.