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Your Word. Your Brand. Your Integrity.

85c58ab1901abf0c3034f9cbe935faa2As we continue to write our life goals down and create dream boards, are we also doing a self-check on where our most significant areas of opportunity exist? Can our word to deliver be trusted? Is our integrity pitching the same message our actions communicate? What is your personal brand message being revealed to others?

While our products and gifts may be one of its kind and the packaging perfect, it can be overshadowed by a questionable work ethic and an inability for others to trust our word. Our character in a professional setting isn’t separate from who we are on a personal level. In the crevices of our most casual conversations are answers to the trust factor.

Do we sweep our errors under a rug and hope no one finds out and have a ready lie, er, excuse if and when they do? Or do we own our errors and out ourselves when needed instead of flooding the airwaves with the faults of others? If your private conversations were on a microphone, would you stand to lose friends or gain? Would those who regarded you as their closest confidantes rock in disbelief at how much their business was being repeated to an audience they didn’t choose? Can people really trust you? We are given many opportunities to course correct. When we don’t take heed, personally and professionally, this eventually catches up with us almost as if life is saying “I won’t allow you to cruise control on any version of yourself besides your best self.”

In our language we often find the true indicator to where our commitment level lies. Conversations heavy with “I hope to…I think I will…One day I might…I should do…I have been thinking…Maybe…Not today, tomorrow”, lack commitment and are lined with doubt. So I ask, can your dreams trust you? Do you speak and function with unquestionable intention – even in the thick of things? How we speak reveals what we’re thinking. Choose your thoughts and words carefully.personal-branding-plan

It has often been said that you can learn a lot about a person by the way they treat others; even more by how they treat others who can do nothing for them. What is the driving force that steers our motives? Do we constantly try to outdo others or put them down, or are in a healthy competition with ourselves? Are we driven by praise to the point where we put our own good deeds on blast or do we do good because we saw a need and found ourselves in a position to help? Whatever we practice, is what we become. What are we practicing and what does it reveal about who you really are?

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Do we position the stories we tell to share the entire story or only start from the angle that makes us look ‘better’ while another person’s reputation is soiled in their absence? Beyond the truth being exposed which it almost always eventually will be, your personal brand image could be at great risk. What signs have you been receiving to clean up your act?

Don’t allow the little worms in our character to ruin the big picture. Left untouched, this can get pretty messy. Pretty quickly.

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  • This is an amazing article, something everyone should read, especially love the “can your dreams trust you?”

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