Everyone comes to a point in their fitness journey whether your on a mission to lose a large amount of weight or keep your body toned for maintenance that the thought of stepping foot into a gym makes you nauseous. This can happen from time to time and for most people when this plateau hits it turns into a downward spiral of not working out at all. But don’t fret my friends, I have been on a mission to add some spice into my workout routine and went in search of fun workouts that didn’t give me that “hamster on a wheel” feeling you get sometimes from doing the same routine at the gym. I have searched far and wide for you and here are the top fitness alternatives I came across to get your mind off those calories you’re burning while you are doing it. Most of these activities I personally took part in but for the sake of not embarrassing myself, I will let the professional photos speak on my behalf 🙂 ENJOY

Hot Yoga


Hot Yoga you ask … No this is not Yoga in your lingerie, or a class that only allows aesthetically “Hot’ patrons take part in this class. What Hot Yoga is defined as  “Yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions”. So what does that mean to you and I? This hot new option for an alternative workout is sweeping the nation by storm. The most common form of hot yoga is “Bikram Yoga”. This specific form of the class typically lasts about an hour and a half going through 26 postures in a room heated to 105 degrees. Hot yoga has also been named one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity beauty secrets. Famous followers of this intense form of yoga include; Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Ashton Kutcher and Madonna just to name a few. So the next time you want to burn some extra calories and get your stretch on, check out a hot yoga class near you.

For More Information on Hot Yogawww.bikramyoga.com

Pole Fitness


I know at first glance pole dancing can seem like a very intimidating venture. Walking into a room full of barley clothed hard bodies that can climb the pole with what appears to be little to no effort at all. I am here to tell you that pole dancing is made for EVERYBODY, emphasis on the body. Fawnia Dietrich owner of Pole Fitness studio here in Las Vegas welcomes everyone as they are into her studio next to the Palms Hotel and Casino. Having an extensive background as an athlete and fitness model Fawnias’ approach is to teach proper technique and inspire others to take care of their bodies. Looking for a way to melt away the pounds, or even just to tone up what you already have going on pole fitness will help target all of those for you, burning 250 to 400 calories in one class, about the same as 1 hour on the treadmill. When doing pole workouts you are also lifting your own weight which gives you a combination of weight training and strength training. I recently spoke to Mone’t Ha-sidi a plus size pole dance instructor out of Sacramento, California about how she feels about women of size participating in pole fitness. She stated, “Pole fitness is great for confidence and getting in touch with your sensual side, It is an activity based on progression so you are always having fun and being motivated to learn new moves and techniques”, Mone’t will be hosting a workshop during the 2014 Pole Expo September 4th – September 7th at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

For More information on Pole Fitnesswww.polefitnessstudio.com

Indoor Rock Climbing


Wanting to get rid of that under arm “jiggle” but tired of doing push-ups and lifting dumbbells? How about trim or tone up those thighs but those 30 day squat challenges usually don’t make it past the first week. This awesome increasingly popular alternative to outdoor rock climbing works out everything, even muscles you didn’t even know you had. Indoor rock climbing is possible because of an architectural design of artificial structures that are made to mimic or recreate the experience of outdoor rock climbing. Climbing is a whole-body activity that puts all of your muscles to the test but just as any workout there are certain parts of the body that are going to be worked out more than others. The latissimus dorsi muscle more commonly known as your “lats” are being worked out at all times as this is the muscle that is assisting you in pulling your arms up and down. You will also be using your quadriceps, forearms, upper arms and calf muscles to help guide you to the top of your destination. The typical amount of calories burned in 1 hour is a right around 600, So instead of you dreading the elliptical trainer and sitting on those machines, get up and get to climbing.

For more information of Indoor Rock Climbingwww.indoorclimbing.com


Lex Twerkout


Initially when I hear the word “twerk” my mind automatically drifts off to Miley Cyrus awkwardly grinding on an extra blurred lined Robin Thick or Nicki Minaj bringing new life into the phrase baby got back with her latest single ‘Anaconda”. But little did I know there is a whole different side to the word, a side that is more empowering to woman (and men) and encourages positivity and self-expression. It is not a secret for celebrities like Christina Milian, Keke Palmer, Karruche Tran and Tiny just to name a few, they are all in the hottest new workout trend “Lex Twerkout” by Lexy Panterra. Lexy is all about having fun and making sure you have fun in the process. This dancer from Los Angeles, California has concocted the perfect formula for a fun alternative to your regular workout. Combining a mixture of hip hop dance, traditional cardio and strength training Lex Twerkout works double duty on building the body you want as well as an extra boost in self-confidence. I spoke with Lexy herself and wanted to know how she felt about all the various body types that attend her classes. “Lex Twerkout makes you come out of your shell a lot more than most classes because of the way the class feels, and it is a fun way to workout, When taking my class you burn up to 700 calories in 1 hour. I encourage all body types to take part in my class. Typically in fitness classes heavier ladies have a harder time walking into the regular classes but in here the tables turn around because twerking has always been known for ladies that have more meat on their bones (even though anyone can do it ) but I feel like in my class the atmosphere is so fun all the ladies come to this class READY !”

For More Information on Lex Twerkoutwww.lextwerkout.com

Roller Derby

Charlotte Roller Derby Girls

This sport is not for the faint of heart. Are you the type of person that likes to work out to blow off some steam? Well this is just the sport for you. Roller Derby is a full contact sport that is played by 2 teams. The members of both teams skate on a track going into the same direction. The breakdown of the game comes in “Jams” during this part of the game play there is a team member who is the “jammer” the way the points are scored is when the jammer skates off to make laps around the teams. The opposing team is trying to prevent this person from passing them while simultaneously the “jammers” team is trying to protect them and assist in the number of times he/she successfully completes laps around the track. So now that you have the 411 on how the game is played, here is a little information about why this would be a great workout. For starters this is a great source of cardio given the fact that you are skating and pretty much fighting on wheels. Your leg, thighs and booty get a great workout from supporting your body on the skates as well as build your balance and hand/eye coördination skills. So if you are into dressing up, and kicking butt while getting a great workout I suggest you check out how to join your local roller derby league.

For More Information on Roller Derbywww.sincityrollergirls.com

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