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Oprah’s Real “Next” Chapter!

There’s nothing this woman cant and wont do. Billionaire Oprah Winfrey just visited the US Trademark Corporation this past Monday in hopes of expanding her empire!

The 58-year old is now starting her own line of organic foods and health products. And every knows the “Oprah Effect”, anything she touches tuns to gold! Especially her “Favorite Things” special episodes of her worldly known TV show and media network. And she’s not just slapping her name on any product! You may get to see Oprah actually farming because she has major farmland out in Hawaii! (…ok we all know she herself actually wont be farming !)

FORBES magazine reported that she recently “filed for Oprah’s farm on Maui to enable the farm to grow and distribute produce on Maui and throughout the Hawaiian Island”.

Cant wait to Oprah’s Organics, Oprah’s Harvest and Oprah’s Farms these on store shelves in 2013.

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