A Classic Combination: Eggs and Asparagus


Spring really does spring forth. One day, it seems as if we’re destined for an eternal winter and then with a big burst, spring ushers forth. Not only is spring a welcome relief from the gloomy and chilly days, but it also gives us the chance to trade in our heavier and darker wardrobe for one much lighter, fresher and certainly, more colorful. The same is true when it comes to food. Gone are the heavy roasts and braised meats as our palates welcome the delicate delights of the new season.

Wander around any farmers market and you can’t help but be excited about all the wonderful produce and fresh foods arriving weekly. Beautiful crimson beets and deep orange carrots vie for your attention with equal urgency as the vibrant green lettuces and kales. You can’t help smiling at the first strawberries and the sunny yellow daffodils. Of course, you’ll notice two of the most prolific items hitting the market right about now: farm fresh eggs and asparagus and these two ingredients couldn’t be better suited for each other.

This dish is the perfect celebration of the season. It makes for a delicious brunch or lunch dish, but is also the perfect light dinner. The accessories make the dish, so choose a good quality olive oil and splurge on a hunk of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Eggs and Asparagus

2 soft boiled eggs; peeled
1 handful of asparagus spears; lightly steamed
olive oil
salt and pepper
freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

1. Arrange asparagus spears on a plate.
2. Quarter the eggs and arrange on top of the asparagus.
3. Squeeze lemon juice over the eggs and asparagus.
4. Drizzle with olive oil; season to taste.
5. Top with shaved cheese.

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