Stop Being So Damn Thirsty!

 What exactly is a “thirsty” woman?          

A thirsty woman is a woman that has no idea of her own self worth.  Her whole entire world revolves around getting a man or keeping the one she has.  She will do and go to any lengths she has to even if it’s to her own detriment.

How do you know if you’re a thirsty girl?  Well, I’ll tell ya!

1.  You jump through hoops for him just like a circus pony. 

 This behavior easy to explain…

Let’s say you have plans to meet up with an old friend you haven’t seen in years, but he calls to go out for drinks.  You in response, cancel your plans to go to him.

 You have plans to go to that one night only sale for those oh-so-cute pumps you’ve been eyeballing for weeks, but you cancel and stay at home by the phone hoping you’ll get a call from him.

 You give up your career and your dreams to accommodate his.

 Get what I’m saying?

 You HAVE to GET A LIFE!  Do you know that NOT being available for his every whim actually makes you MORE attractive to him?  Saying no to him won’t send him running out the door (if he’s a keeper that is.), it will actually show him that he his to respect your time just as much as you respect his.


2.  Your whole world is set off its axis if you don’t see him or talk to him at least 100 times a day. 

Honey, come on now.  The second your day does not include him in any way, you can’t eat, sleep, poop, you name it.  Let’s talk about this!  Regardless of how wonderful he is, YOU should still stay true to the things that make YOU…YOU.  Keep your schedule of watching your favorite shows, hanging out with friends, exercising, having a movie night by yourself…whatever!  As a matter of fact, you should probably MISS a few of his calls!  Why, you say?  The second he feels you are always available to him when HE wants you to be he’s got you right where he wants you.


3.  Your IQ drops 50 points when he’s around. 

The days of the bouncy, perky breasted bubblehead are long gone.  There is no reason in this world you should let go of even a tiny morsel of your common sense and intelligence just to make him feel good about himself.  If he is the type of guy that needs a woman to be stupid and dim-witted in order for him to feel like a man, well…. he isn’t one. There’s nothing wrong with letting him take the lead on a few things here and there, I mean, you don’t want to be a ball-busting ego-smashing diva, but pretending to be a turnip is not attractive at all.  A REAL man will respect you and admire your intelligence and want you to show it off.


4.  You turn into a whiny, nagging, pushy bitch when he is around you.

 Say this is your most high-pitched annoying voice: “Why haven’t you called?  Who is that on the phone?  Why didn’t you say you loved me today? How come we never go anywhere? Do you love me? Am I pretty? Am I fat? Do you like my hair?  How much do you love me? Is that what you’re wearing?  Did you eat lunch today?”

 Doesn’t sound good, huh?  Imagine how it sounds to him!

Nagging is a classic sign of low self-confidence.  Why do you need him to tell you you’re pretty?  Does the fact that he didn’t say “I love you” today mean he doesn’t love you?  Nagging him for the answers to questions you should know for yourself in not the way to go.  Guys are usually all about things being easy; the more complicated it gets…the faster and further they run.  So, relax for heaven’s sake!

 Frankly, when you nag him, he tunes you out!  In some cases you even start to sound like…brace yourself…HIS MOTHER!  Answer this; do YOU think a man is going to want to be romantic with someone that reminds him of his mom? Unless he’s some sick freak, I don’t think so.


5.  After a handful of dates (or less), you are already married with 4 kids and a dog. 

 There is one sure-fire way to end a relationship before it even starts; start off, end or include anything about marriage or babies.   Seriously?  You barely know what one another’s favorite colors and whether or not her changes his underwear regularly and you are picking out china patterns?  Give the guy a break!

 You think you’ve found Mr. Right, great…you can even entertain all those thoughts on your own, but DO NOT bring all that up to him.  Not saying at some point in the relationship those things shouldn’t be addressed, but let things flow naturally.  Making him aware that your biological clock is chiming like Big Ben will send him running for the hills.  Just relax and enjoy one another.


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  1. LoL … I hear ya Vonda. Being thirsty is not a good look on a woman.

  2. i just went thru this with someone , and it is so true three dates and she allready married me , wanting kids and to move in , it takes 180 days of seeing someone to even get to know them, what happen to just enjoying life , having fun, life too short for drama, i think that most folks whom aready been thru devoce shouldnt even consider hooking up , for at least a year, ( get thru that mess you dont know about each other)

  3. Check out this book ladies WHY men LOVE Bitches it’s a good book! It will keep you from being a THIRSTY WOMAN! Some of us were born strong others have to develop theirs thru trial and error, and that’s very sad. Some women are losing their life over a MAN! Not I! I for one was born strong… Love is one thing being so thirsty your drying out and dying is crazy…I know someone who did time for a man 10 long years and guess what she’s marrying him smh!!!!! AND she just got out. She is passed thirsty is all i can say….. Read the book and gets some tips….it may transform a thirsty girls life or maybe even save it! and it will just enhance all the hydrated ones…

  4. #3 Is the one that kills me. I hate, hate HATE seeing a smart girl act dumb for some guy. Ladies, if you are smart, be SMART! You will attract smart guys!
    Then you can be all geeky and adorable. The smart guy will get it when you just ‘have’ to go see that museum exhibit, he will understand your love of libraries and bookstores.
    I married my husband because he is smart, smarter than me sometimes! He challenges me to always be learning, always asking questions! He helps me make myself a better person.

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